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Health Care Reform

This page covers various aspects of the Affordable Care Act that affect Purdue University and its employees. The Affordable Care Act is commonly referred to as Health Care Reform.

Health Insurance Marketplace

Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, the Affordable Care Act will require everyone to have health care insurance or pay a fine. Individuals can get the required insurance through an employer plan (such as Purdue’s plans for benefits-eligible faculty and staff, or a spouse’s employer plan), through a government program (such as Medicare or Medicaid) or through coverage they buy on their own.

To help those who are looking to buy insurance on their own, the government’s new Health Insurance Marketplace will connect people to the health coverage “exchanges” available in their area.  

Because Purdue’s medical plans are considered affordable and meet minimum value under Health Care Reform, employees who are eligible for the Purdue medical plans will not generally receive a break on premium or out-of-pocket costs through the Marketplace. This likely makes the plans offered through Purdue a better value for benefits-eligible employees than plans offered through the Marketplace. Marketplace rates will be available Oct. 1 for comparison. 

In addition, you pay for your Purdue medical plan premiums on a pre-tax basis; your payments for coverage through the Marketplace would be made on an after-tax basis.

Who qualifies for Purdue benefits under the Affordable Care Act

Read guidelines on the employee classification groups whose benefits eligibility is changing due to the Affordable Care Act.