Current Purdue Students

Purdue University’s Honors College fosters collaborative learning, promotes individual research and community engagement, and prepares students for a global world. We appreciate your part in this amazing experience of lateral learning. We encourage you to actively participate in this community of scholars, inside and out of the classroom.


Honors College Students

Honors students must take 24 honors credits, 5 of these must be HONR courses and complete culminating thesis or scholarly project. The other 19 credits may be made up of:

  • HONR courses other than those used to meet requirement 1, above
  • Courses or course sections with an H designation
  • Courses taken with an H contract
  • Graduate-level courses that are not required for the student’s major(s)
  • Research courses (e.g., undergraduate research, directed study, independent research) towards completion of the student’s thesis or scholarly activity
  • The following stipulations apply:

    • At least 9 credits must be taken after the 1st year of college enrollment
    • Up to 12 credits may be specified by individual colleges

University Honors Program (UHP) Students

Continuing UHP students must maintain a cumulative grade-point average of 3.6 (on a 4.0 scale) and demonstrate steady progress toward completion of UHP courses and degree requirements. UHP students are eligible for a university honors diploma if they successfully complete a minimum of 24 hours of honors credit as certified by the Student Services Director in the Honors College.  Please click here for UHP credit guidelines.


Please note the UHP is no longer admitting new students.