Honors Courses

HONR Course Proposal

Faculty members who have received distinguished teaching accolades such as induction into the Teaching Academy, recipient of Murphy Award, and other similar awards are invited to propose an HONR course. As an instructor of an HONR course, you will have the opportunity to teach students with exceptional potential representing all academic disciplines.

Rhonda Phillips, Dean of the Honors College invites you to create and teach an intensive and enriched class that meets the objectives of the Honors College. Your proposed class may be one that you have always wanted to teach or a modification of an existing course. These courses should appeal to a wide academic audience and show interrelationships among disciplines.

Participation in the Honors College is an honor. Limited financial support of $8,000 is available to participating faculty as a payment to the faculty member’s department.

If you are interested in participating in the Honors College, please contact Emily Allen, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, elallen@purdue.edu or by phone, 494-9393 or Tracy Hieatt, Administrative Assistant, hieatt@purdue.edu or by phone, 494-2929.