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Charles V. and Audrey Palm Riker Fund

This scholarship is only available to students in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS).


This fund was established in recognition of the teaching and counseling career of Professor Charles V. Riker, who served the University from 1959 to 1983 as a professor in HDFS, and his spouse, Audrey Palm Riker, a clinical psychologist. HDFS students participating in a study abroad program that incorporates activities relating to children who are economically disadvantaged are eligible to apply for the Riker Fund scholarship.


February 12, 2016
Application Form

Criteria and selection:

Applicants must be majoring or minoring in an HDFS program of study and have an overall GPA of at least 3.0. The scholarship applies only to study abroad programs that feature one or more activities relating to children who are economically disadvantaged.

Awards range from $1,000 to $2,000. Recipients are selected by the Riker Fund selection committee with approval from the HDFS Head.

Application materials:

  • Submit a two-page essay (double spaced) covering the following topics:
  1. Why you would like to participate in a Study Abroad program and what you expect to gain from it.
  2. How this study abroad experience relates to your educational objectives and career aspirations.
  3. Describe any financial constraints you are facing.  If applicable, describe changes in financial standing (i.e. recent loss of income), additional family expenses due to illness or death, or other unique circumstances (i.e. non-contributing parent, loss of aid/scholarship, etc.)
  4. How you will share the study abroad experience with others.
  • Provide your official up-to-date transcript from Purdue University.
  • Provide your current resume. 
  • Provide two letters of recommendation:  one must be from a faculty or staff member at Purdue. Each letter should be accompanied with the completed recommendation form.
  • Submit all documents by February 12, 2016.


Doran French
Professor and Head
Human Development and Family Studies
Hanley Hall, Room 256
Purdue University
1202 West State St.
West Lafayette, Indiana  47907-2055

Phone: 765-494-9511

Past Recipients:

2014-2015: Jamie Adair (Child & Youth Development in Turkey); Melissa Anderson (Child & Youth Development in Turkey); Kortni Bennett (Child & Youth Development in Turkey); Elissa Borgia (Child & Youth Development in Turkey); Kelly Peterson (Health Care, Nutrition & Culture in Costa Rica); and Kate Christman (Health Care, Nutrition & Culture in Costa Rica).

2013-2014 Meghan Loeser (Child & Youth Development in China); Lisa Zehrung (Child & Youth Development in China)

2012-2013: Alicia Vega (Costa Rica); David Rubio, Jr. (Costa Rica); Kaitlin Cannon (Costa Rica); Megan Neher (Costa Rica); Anyea Livers (SLHS in Zambia)

2011-2012: Kira Reisert (India)

2010 -2011: Idolna Doyka (Costa Rica); Stephanie Bovis (Costa Rica); Hannah Jones (India)