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Marleen Troyer


I was born in Elwood, IN, but later moved and was raised in Greentown, IN (home of the Eastern Comets who held the longest football winning streak for many years...35 games in a row.  Our class broke the streak at #36!)  But West Lafayette wins it as my hometown for longevity...44 years!


  • B.S. in Consumer and Family Sciences at PURDUE!

Work Experience:

  • Eighteen years as an advisor at Purdue. Had my own business, Higherart, before coming to Nutrition Science. Also, was active in leadership for many volunteer activities.

Advice for Boilermakers:

  • Get involved with activities and don’t shy away from leadership.  Take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities at Purdue, as well as the academic assistance available. 
  • Keep a school day.  It is just a time management gimmick, but you can’t get back hours that drift through your fingers in the day. 
  • Sleep at night instead of napping...it is a bigger deal than you might think!

Fun Facts:

  • I like to read, quilt and take walks with my husband
  • We are active in our church
  • I like politics and old movies and we like to make history part of our travels.