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Shannon Van Hyfte, AuD, CCC-A

Research Interests / Training Areas:

  • Diagnostic testing (pediatrics through adult population)
  • Amplification services
  • Cerumen Management


Shannon Van Hyfte, AuD, CCC-A, is a clinical assistant professor in the department of speech, language, and hearing sciences at Purdue University. She received her BS in Communication Disorders from Indiana State University and her AuD from Ball State University. She gained experience in both private practice and an ear, nose, and throat clinic prior to coming to Purdue University Audiology Clinic. Her primary responsibilities include clinical teaching of first through third year AuD students in pediatric through adult diagnostic evaluations as well as providing habilitation/rehabilitation services. In addition, she is course instructor of the Adult Aural Rehabilitation class and arranges externship placements for third year AuD students.

Recent Publications and Presentations:

Van Hyfte, S. (2012). The Pursuit of Technology: Obtaining Classroom Amplification in a Rural Setting. Journal of Educational Audiology, 18, 82-88.

Krishnan, L. A., McCarthy, M. A., LeBlanc, V., Salazar, N., Van Hyfte, S., & Simspon, J. (2012, March). An Unexpected Solution Brings Hearing Healthcare to the Underserved. Hearing Journal, 65(3).

Van Hyfte, S. (2011, JanFeb). Cerumen Management Training for AuD Students. Audiology Today , 43-48.

Van Hyfte, S. (2009, May). Providing Sound to Local Schools. The ASHA Leader, 14(7), 47.

Simpson, J., & Van Hyfte, S. (2007). Effects of Hearing Loss on Children.  UTS Training Times, 3(4), 4-8.