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Jiyeon Lee

Research Interests / Training Areas:

  • Grammatical deficits in aphasia and related neurogenic disorders.
  • Using eyetracking to tract time course of language production and comprehension in normal and disordered individuals.
  • Cross-linguistic patterns of morpho-syntactic breakdowns and recovery in aphasia¬†
  • Language treatment approaches for adult neurogenic disorders


Jiyeon Lee, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, received her Ph.D. and clinical training in speech-language pathology from Northwestern University. She joined the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences at Purdue University in fall 2013.

Dr. Lee's research focuses on language impairments and recovery in individuals with aphasia and related neurogenic disorders. Her current research aims to understand neural, cognitive, and (cross-) linguistic mechanisms underlying language breakdowns in aphasia and related disorders by utilizing theories of normal language processing and on-line methodologies such as eyetracking. The ultimate goal of this work is to develop treatment approaches for adults with language disorders and understand the processing mechanisms that support language recovery.

Recent Publications:

Lee, J., Kwon, M., Na, H-R., Bastiaanse, R., & Thompson, C. K. (2013). Production and comprehension of time reference in Korean nonfluent aphasia. Communication Sciences & Disorders, 18, 1-13.

Thompson, C. K., Meltzer - Asscher, A., Cho, S., Lee, J., Wieneke, C., Weintraub, S., & Mesulam, M-M. (2012). Syntactic and morphosyntactic processing in stroke-induced and primary progressive aphasia. Behavioral Neurology, 25, 1-20.

Bastiaanse, R., Bamyaci, E., Hsu, C-J., Lee, J., Yarbay Duman, T., & Thompson, C. K. (2011). Time reference in agrammatic aphasia: a cross-linguistic study. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 34, 652-673.

Lee, J., & Thompson, C. K. (2011). Real-time production of arguments and adjuncts in normal and agrammatic speakers. Language and Cognitive Processes, 26, 985-1021.

Lee, J., & Thompson, C. K. (2011). Real-time production of unergative and unaccusative sentences in normal and agrammatic speakers: an eyetracking study. Aphasiology, 25, 813-825.

Lee, J., Milman, L.H., & Thompson, C.K. (2008). Functional category production in English agrammatism. Aphasiology, 22, 893-905.