SLHS Faculty

NameTitleSpecialty AreasEmail
Alexander, Joshua Assistant Professor Audiology
Speech Perception
Bauer Malandraki, Jaime Clinical Instructor

Adult swallowing disorders
Pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders
Voice and upper airway disorders

Brosseau-Lapré, Françoise Assistant Professor

Cross-linguistic & bilingual phonological development & disorders
Speech Perception
Speech Production
Cicholski, Barbara Clinical Assistant Professor

Pediatric Speech and Language Disorders
Language and Literacy
Aural Rehabilitation
Accent Modification
Clinical Supervision
Diefendorf, Allan Professor or
Ertmer, David Professor Emeritus Early spoken language development in young cochlear implate recipients
Aural rehabilitation
Francis, Alexander L. Associate Professor

Speech perception
Acoustic phonetics
Cross-language and second language speech perception
Lexical tone
Listening effort
Gandour, Jackson T. Professor Emeritus Linguistics
Cognitive neuroscience
Tonal languages
Goffman, Lisa Professor Language and motor development disorders
Speech production
Developmental language and speech sound disorders
Greeenwell, Tamar Clinical Assistant Professor

Gulker, Hope Clinical Associate Professor
Gutmann, Michelle Clinical Associate Professor

Halum, Stacey Research Professor

Heinz, Michael Professor
Huber, Jessica Professor

Motor speech disorders
Parkinson’s disease
Speech science
Kaganovich, Natalya Assistant Professor

Audiovisual processing
Cognitive neuroscience Approaches to language Acquisition and language processing
Developmental language disorders
Keehn, Brandon Assistant Professor Autism spectrum disorder
Developmental cognitive neuroscience
Kemmerer, David Professor
Kluender, Keith R. Professor and Head
Krishnan, Lata Clinical Professor
Krishnan, Ravi Professor
Lee, Jiyeon Assistant Professor

Cross-linguistic studies
Leonard, Jeanette Clinical Professor Emerita
Leonard, Laurence B. Distinguished Professor Child Language Development and Disorders
Malandraki, Georgia Assistant Professor Swallowing and feeding Swallowing disorders Neuroscience
Masters, Christi Clinical Assistant Professor
Mornout, Claudia Clinical Professor

Clinical Administration/Supervision
Adult cognition and language
Swallowing disorders
Munguia-Vazquez, Raymundo Clinical Assistant Professor

Auditory Cortex plasticity and to understand how the central nervous system adapts and responds to a diverse array of disorders

Newell, Melissa Clinical Assistant Professor

Poole, Mary Lou Clinical Associate Professor

Adult cognition and language
Child speech and language
Seidl, Amanda Associate Professor

Speech perception
Language development
Simpson, Jennifer Clinical Professor
Sivasankar, Preeti Professor

Laryngeal physiology
Voice disorders
Voice production
Voice across the lifespan
Hypersensitive airway
Smith, Anne Distinguished Professor

Speech production
Snow, David Professor Emeritus
Solomon, Barbara Clinical Professor

Clinical Administration/Supervision
Medical speech-language pathology
Voice disorders
Clinical education
Sommer, Anne Clinical Instructor
Strickland, Beth Professor
Studebaker, Emily Tyson Clinical Assistant Professor

Autism Spectrum Disorders                                                                    Pediatric Speech and Language Disorders
Van Hyfte, Shannon Clinical Assistant Professor

Aural rehabilitation for adults
Adult diagnostics
Pediatric diagnostics
Auditory evoked potentials
Hearing Aid (Fitting/Repair)
Cerumen Management
Weber, Chris Professor

Cognitive Neuroscience
Language Processing
Language Development
Language Impairment
Neural Systems for Language

Wendt, Oliver Assistant Professor

Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Clinical Research
Evidence-based Practice
Wetzel, Dawn Clinical Associate Professor

Clinical Administration/Supervision
Medical Speech-Language
Swallowing disorders
Wilbur, Ronnie Professor

Sign Language Linguistics

Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences, Lyles-Porter Hall, 715 Clinic Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2122, PH: (765) 494-3789

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