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Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

PSY 390 is a course where students work as research assistants on projects managed by a faculty member or graduate student in the Department of Psychological Sciences.

Benefits of the PSY 390 experience include

  • gaining hands-on experience in data collection
  • learning research skills like data analysis, interpretation, and writiing
  • helping you assess whether research is a component you want in your career
  • developing contacts for future letters of recommendation and job references
  • enhancing competitiveness in applications for graduate school in psychology or other professional schools or as candidates for employment in various fields (e.g., marketing, pharmaceutical sales, human resources, etc.)

Students can apply to the department for funds to offset some costs associated with student projects in faculty labs. After discussing this with your faculty advisor, you can apply by submitting this form, signed by the supervising faculty member, by email to the Director of Undergraduate Studies. For academic year 2015-2016, priority dates for submitting the form are September 21 for the Fall semester, January 21 for the Spring semester and May 21 for the summer.

PSY 390 Position Announcements

The faculty below have indicated openings for Fall 2015 (all announcements in pdf format).

The faculty below have indicated openings for Spring 2016 (all announcements in pdf format).

During the 16-week fall or spring semester, students are expected to work 3 hours per week for every credit earned (e.g. 9 hours/week for a 3-credit PSY 390). During the 8-week summer session, students are expected to work 6 hours per week for every credit earned (e.g., 18 hours/week for a 3-credit PSY 390). Late enrollment in PSY 390 during any semester reduces the number of possible credit hours the students can earn.

Please note that only 6 credits of PSY 390 can be graded. Any additional credits must be taken on a pass / no pass basis. In addition, a maximum of 3 credit hours is eligible toward the degree requirements (see restrictions under Area C of the PSY major bingo sheet: http://www.purdue.edu/hhs/codo/documents/plans_of_study/PSY_PSYS.pdf)

Other Opportunities

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