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Undergraduate Overview

Are you curious about why people behave as they do? Do you wonder how people learn? Would you like to know more about how the brain affects people's thinking and behavior? Are you interested in why prejudice occurs? Would you enjoy helping people solve problems such as anxiety and depression?

If your answer to any of these questions is Yes, you should consider psychology as a field of study in college. The reason is simple: psychology is a field that deals with everything that people think, feel, and do.

With a bachelor's degree in psychology, your career opportunities will be many and varied. Like many psychology majors at Purdue, you might take a job immediately after graduation and begin your career in one of the "helping professions." For example, you might work in a hospital, group home, community social services organization, or delinquency prevention program. You might instead have a job in a government agency, where your knowledge of human behavior would be both helpful and applicable. Another path would be to begin a career in business and industry, applying your skills in areas such as personnel selection and training, advertising, consumer-product research, or public opinion polling.

Alternatively, after graduating from Purdue you could begin graduate study in psychology to prepare for a career as a clinical or counseling psychologist, as a psychology professor, as a researcher, or as a professional in any of several areas of applied psychology. You could also choose to do graduate study in fields such as law, medicine, or business. Your knowledge of psychology will be invaluable if you join one of those professions. Because you will learn about many aspects of psychology while at Purdue, you will be prepared for many career opportunities if you choose one of our Majors or a Minor in Psychological Sciences.