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Child Behavior Management Clinic

CBM Clinic Goals:

The Child Behavior Management Clinic offers services for children with problems staying focused and paying attention, controlling behavior, getting along with others, and similar concerns. We begin with careful assessment of the child and goal-setting with the parents. Treatment methods center on helping parents learn skills for guiding their children to better behavior and improving relationships within the family. Treatment may also include school consultation and direct interventions with the child. We use ongoing measures to track progress, both to further research and to help the parents and clinicians know how well we are doing in reaching goals.

The goals of the CBM Clinic are:

  • to provide empirically supported treatment for children with disruptive behavior problems, such as attention deficits oppositional behavior, and autistic spectrum disorders, and their families; and
  • to train graduate students in formal evaluation and evidence-based treatment of externalizing disorders among children; and
  • to conduct research that will further general knowledge about behavior management problems among children and about the best ways to treat these.

Client Services Offered:

The CBM Clinic offers behavior modification treatments that have been shown through research to be effective for CBM and other disruptive behavior disorders of childhood. These treatments include individual and group parent training, and school and/or pediatrician consultation.

  • Parent Training is used to teach parents how to structure the home environment in a way that helps their child function better. Once parents learn these skills, they can use their skills on a continuing basis to help their child.
  • With the parents' permission and the teacher's agreement, School Consultation can be provided to assist teachers in structuring the school environment in a way that helps the child behave and perform better in that important setting. This includes helping the teacher to set up and monitor simple behavior programs to increase the child's motivation and performance at school.
  • When parents are interested in pursuing a medication trial to determine whether medication may augment the effectiveness of the behavioral treatment, Pediatrician Consultation may be provided. If the child's pediatrician decides a trial is medically justified and agrees to collaborate with us, we can set up and coordinate a controlled trial to monitor how well the medication works for symptom reduction in the child.

Community Services Offered:

The CBM Clinic provides in-service training and educational workshops to schools, parent groups, mental health clinics, or professional groups on topics related to the assessment and treatment of childhood disorders.


There is a standard fee of $20 for the first session.  Fees for any additional assessment and treatment are determined on a sliding-scale basis, according to your ability to pay.


The CBM Clinic is directed by Elizabeth Akey, Ph.D.,HSPP, an Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University and a local expert on CBM. The clinicians who staff the clinic are trainees enrolled in the doctoral program in Clinical Psychology at Purdue who are supervised by Dr. Akey.

How to Contact the CBM Clinic:

If you are interested in receiving services at the CBM Clinic or in learning more about what is offered, please call (765) 494-6996 and specify that you are calling about CBM services. You will be sent an information and screening packet to complete. When we receive your completed screening packet, we will determine whether your child's problems can best be served by the CBM Clinic. If so, we will call you to schedule a first appointment. If not, we will provide an appropriate referral for you.

What are the Purdue Psychology Treatment and Research Clinics?

The Purdue Psychology Treatment and Research Clinics are psychology clinics specifically designed to meet the needs of the Lafayette and West Lafayette community and surrounding areas. Our goal is to assist clients by providing quality assessment, treatment, and psycho-educational services. The Purdue Psychology Treatment and Research Clinics serve as a training and research facility for the Clinical Psychology program at Purdue University. Staff members are qualified psychologists in-training who are supervised by faculty from the Clinical Psychology Program.

Who comes to the Purdue Psychology Treatment and Research Clinics and why?

Our services are available to any child or adult in the Lafayette and West Lafayette community and surrounding areas. Our clients are treated by specialty clinics that provide state of the art treatment. In addition to the CBM Clinic, these other clinics provide psychological services under the banner of the Purdue Psychology Treatment and Research Clinics: