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Purdue PSY Treatment and Research Clinics

Purdue University
Department of Psychological Sciences
Room 1120
703 Third Street
West Lafayette, IN  47907-2081
Telephone:  (765) 494-6996

What are the Purdue Psychology Treatment and Research Clinics?

The Purdue Psychology Treatment and Research Clinics are psychology clinics specifically designed to meet the needs of the Lafayette and West Lafayette community and surrounding areas. Our goal is to assist clients by providing quality assessment, treatment, and psycho-educational services. The Purdue Psychology Treatment and Research Clinics serve as a training and research facility for the Clinical Psychology program at Purdue University. Staff members are qualified psychologists in-training who are supervised by faculty from the Clinical Psychology Program.

Who comes to the Purdue Psychology Treatment and Research Clinics and Why?

Our services are available to children, adolescents, and adults in the Greater Lafayette community who are troubled by a range of difficulties, through the following specialty clinics:

What services do the specialty clinics offer?

Adult Services Clinic, for adults of all backgrounds who would like help in coping with stress, managing relationships, and finding ways to more successfully deal with life. Clients can receive help with depression, anxiety, or a variety of other symptoms, with services centering on empirically-based treatments. All clients will receive a thorough battery of tests and assessments near the beginning of treatment in addition to ongoing measures that carefully track progress. These assessments help us to better understand our clients and to further research about how effective and successful we are in reaching therapy goals.

The Child Behavior Management Clinic offers services for children with problems staying focused and paying attention, controlling behavior, getting along with others, and similar concerns.  We begin with careful assessment of the child and goal-setting with the parents. Treatment methods center on helping parents learn skills for guiding their children to better behavior and improving relationships within the family. Treatment may also include school consultation and direct interventions with the child. We use ongoing measures to track progress, both to further research and to help the parents and clinicians know how well we are doing in reaching goals.

Assessment Clinic, for children and adults from the community who are seeking psychological assessments. Depending on the person’s needs, we provide both comprehensive assessments and briefer assessments about specific areas of concern. Areas assessed include cognitive functioning, adaptive behavior, personality, and social-emotional functioning. Results of the assessments may be used to determine or document the presence of ADHD, learning disorders, problems with memory, or autistic spectrum disorders. When an assessment is complete, the person is provided with a report explaining the tests, findings, and recommendations. 

What can you expect?

Effective treatment requires a detailed assessment to find out the nature and extent of the problem. Therefore, your first session will include an in-depth interview. In addition you may be asked to complete questionnaires to further describe the concerns you have. After this process is complete, a therapist will discuss the results with you and either plan treatment or suggest outside resources to assist you.  You will be actively involved in setting the specific goals and pace of treatment.

As psychology clinics, we do not prescribe medicine. However, we base our treatment programs on current clinical research on the most effective ways to address specific problems, and this may include coordinating treatment with your outside medical professionals, with your permission.


For all three clinics, there is a standard fee of $20 for the first session.  Fees for any additional assessment and treatment are determined on a sliding-scale basis, according to your ability to pay.


Information you share with staff members is held in the strictest confidence. Purdue Psychology Treatment and Research Clinics follow confidentiality guidelines consistent with professional and ethical standards, and state and federal law. These will be explained in your first meetings for assessment.


The clinics are staffed by advanced graduate students in clinical psychology, who regularly consult with faculty supervisors and each other to insure quality service and to improve their skills. To facilitate supervision, all treatment sessions either will be recorded or observed, with your written consent.

Purdue Psychology Treatment and Research Clinics

Donald Lynam, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Training
Elizabeth Akey, Ph.D., HSPP
Douglas B. Samuel, Ph.D., HSPP

Support Staff

Rogene Loepker

You may direct questions concerning the clinics to Rogene at (765) 494-6996.