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2nd Purdue Symposium on Psychological Sciences (2010)

Psychology of Science: Implicit and Explicit Processes


Symposium Participants:

William F. Brewer

E. J. Capaldi

Donelson E. Dulany

Kevin Dunbar

Alice Eagly

Gregory J. Feist

Ronald N. Giere

Michael E. Gorman

Anthony G. Greenwald

Jan De Houwer

David Klahr

Barbara Koslowski

Lisa M. Osbeck

Robert W. Proctor

Christian Schunn

Dean Keith Simonton

Brent D. Slife

Paul Thagard

Jessica L. Tracy

Ryan D. Tweney

Corinne Zimmerman


2nd PSPS photo 1


Symposium Program (pdf)

Symposium Book: Oxford Scholarship Online link / Oxford University Press purchase link / Amazon purchase link


2nd PSPS Book Cover