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1st Purdue Symposium on Psychological Sciences (2008)

Then a Miracle Occurs:

Focusing on Behavior in Social Psychological Theory and Research


Symposium Participants:

Christopher R. Agnew

Arthur P. Aron

John A. Bargh

Reuben M. Baron

Roy Baumeister

Niall Bolger

Donal E. Carlston

Lee Fabrigar

David C. Funder

Lewis R. Goldberg

Peter M. Gollwitzer

Samuel Gosling

William G. Graziano

Judith A. Hall

Andrea Hollingshead

John Holmes

Janice R. Kelly

Richard Moreland

Del Paulhus

Harry Reis

Phillip R. Shaver

Bas Verplanken


1st PSPS photo 2


Symposium Program (pdf)

Symposium Book: Oxford Scholarship Online link / Oxford University Press purchase link / Amazom purchase link



1st PSPS book cover