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Social Relationships

The following faculty have research interest and expertise in the area of social relationships:


Sample Courses

PSY 24000 -- Introduction to Social Psychology

(Credit Hours: 3.00; Not open to students with credit in SOC 34000). A broad survey in current knowledge about human social behavior. Topics covered include aggression, attraction and love, social influence, attitudes and attitude change, nonverbal communication, leadership, prejudice and discrimination, and application of social psychology to law, medicine, and other fields. Typically offered Fal,l Spring, Summer

PSY 64400 -- Close Relationships

(Credit Hours: 3.00). Acquaints participants with the major social psychological approaches to the study of close, interpersonal relationships, including evolutionary, attachment, and interdependence perspectives. Methodological and data analytic issues relevant to relationships research also are examined. Typically offered every other Fall.