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Perception & Performance

The following faculty have research interest and expertise in the area of perception and performance:


Sample Courses

PSY 31000 -- Sensory and Perceptual Processes

(Credit Hours: 3.00). A survey of the study of psychological experiences caused by stimulation to the senses. Topics include theory and research in seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting as experienced by humans and other animals. Typically offered Falland Spring.

PSY 62700 -- Advanced Topics in Visual Perception

(Credit Hours: 3.00). All important aspects of visual perception are covered: neurophysiology and neuroanatomy, psychophysics, color, perceptual organization, size, shape, depth, motion, and binocular disparity. Emphasis is on mathematical and computational models and on experimental verification of the models. Course work in Mathematics; including matrix algebra, calculus, probability, and elementary geometry. Typically offered Fall and Spring.