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Learning and Memory - How to Apply

Admission and Awards

Evaluation for admission to the Learning and Memory program is largely based upon undergraduate grades and course work, verbal and quantitative Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores, letters of recommendation, and statement of interest. Students with research experience and with strong backgrounds in research methods, statistics, and science are particularly favored. Most students enter the program with a bachelor's degree but those who already have a Master's degree from another program are also considered for admission.

Financial support for graduate students in Learning & Memory comes from a variety of sources: teaching assistantships, research assistantships on federally funded grants, and special fellowships for outstanding applicants. Students with a Master's degree are also eligible for University-sponsored research assistantships. In addition to these internal sources of support, incoming and existing students can apply for extramural support (e.g., predoctoral fellowships from the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation).

Financial support during the summer months is included with some awards (e.g., University and extramural fellowships). For students receiving 10-month academic-year support (e.g., teaching assistantships), summer funding opportunities are provided by faculty research grants, internal support from Purdue or from the department via competitive application, and teaching departmental undergraduate courses in the summer sessions.

Currently, the Psychology Department guarantees internal academic-year support for four years for students who remain in good standing in the area program to which they are admitted. Internal support beyond the four years is decided by each area and is typically continued for all students making satisfactory progress toward completion of the Ph.D.