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Electronic Plan of Study

Completing Your Plan of Study

You can access the electronic plan of study form via MyPurdue.  To begin your plan of study, click on the Plan of Study Generator (POSG) link, then click on "Create new plan of study" link.  Once in the POSG, refer to the Help buttons located on each page to assist you in using the electronic POSG.  You do not need to complete the entire form in one sitting; you may save your plan of study and return to it later.  You may not bookmark any pages within the Graduate School link.  To return to the POSG you must login to MyPurdue.

When you have completed your plan of study and feel it is ready for review by your advisory committee, submit your plan as a Draft. All plans of study must first be submitted as Draft before you can submit your plan as a Final. While your plan is in Draft status, review the information with your advisory committee and with Nancy O'Brien to ensure that it satisfies department and Graduate School policies. Use your draft as a basis to discuss your academic and research goals with your advisory committee members. Once your entire committee has verbally accepted your plan of study, return to the POSG and submit your plan as "Final." Only you can submit your plan as Final. This indicates your signature. The plan of study form will be electronically routed, reviewed and, if approved, signed by the departmental coordinator, your advisory committee, the department head, and the graduate school. You may check the status of your plan at any time by returning to the POSG and clicking on the Display Submitted Plan of Study link. After the form has been completed and approved (processed by the Graduate School) it can be viewed, but not altered. Any changes to the plan require the electronic Change to Plan of Study form.

For All Plans of Study

List only courses in which you received an A, B, or C (no 69800, 69900, proseminars, or courses in which you received a P or S). [Note: The Clinical area allows only A or B grades in core courses.]

Our department code is PSYS.

You must be registered for hours (research or course) in any semester in which you process "paperwork" with the Graduate School. If you are not registered during summer session, they will not process your paperwork until the fall.

Master's Plan of Study

May file it the first semester you are a student, but must be filed with the Graduate School prior to the beginning of the semester in which you expect to receive your degree. We would prefer you file this at the beginning of your second year in the program.

Requires 3 committee members.

A thesis option plan of study must contain at least 24 graded course hours.

Non-thesis option: Can only be approved after review by the departmental Graduate Committee. All core requirements must be met at that time.

Ph.D. Plan of Study

Must be filed with the Graduate School at least 3 weeks prior to requesting paperwork for your preliminary defense.  We would prefer that you file this within one or two months after the completion of your Master's degree. 

Do not include courses that were listed on your Master's Plan of Study. While 30 credits from the Master's Plan of Study may be counted toward your 90 total credits needed for the Ph.D., the courses themselves are not to be listed on the Ph.D. plan.

Requires 4 committee members. 

See the Graduate Handbook for further information.