Past Colloquia

Behavioral Neuroscience



February 7, 2018

Nicole Schartz, Purdue University

"The Role of Complement C3 in SE-induced Hippocampal Injury and Memory Deficits"

January 31, 2018

Kaitlyn Gilland, Purdue University

"A Chemogenetic Analysis of the Nucleus Solitary Tract and Area Postrema Neurons Role in Satiation"

January 24, 2018

Dr. Alexander Chubykin, Purdue University

"Role of Slow Oscillations in Encoding Visual Familiarity"

November 29, 2017

Dr. Annamaria Vezzani, Mario Negri Inst for Pharmacological Research, Milano Italy

"Neuroinflammation in Epilepsy: Preclinical Findings and Therapeutic Perspectives" (abstract) This seminar was funded by Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy.

November 8, 2017

Journal Club

November 1, 2017

Dr. Nicola Grissom, University of Minnesota

"Learning and Decision Making in Mouse Models of Autism"

October 25, 2017

Dr. John Huguenard, Stanford University

"Regulation of Thalamic Sensory Networks in the Context of Sleep and Epilepsy"

October 18, 2017

Journal Club

October 11, 2017

Dr. Rebecca Shansky, Northeastern University

"A Neural Basis for Sexually Divergent Fear Expression"

October 4, 2017

Journal Club

September 27, 2017

Journal Club

September 20, 2017

Journal Club

Septembr 13, 2017

Dr. Marian Logrip, IUPUI

“Sex Differences in Neural and Alcohol Self-AdministrationEffects of Stress and Corticosterone”

August 30, 2017 Journal Club



February 16, 2018 Dr. Christopher Patrick, Florida State University "Hierarchical Psychopathology and Neuro-Behavioral Trait Models: HiTOP and NBtm" (bio)
February 9, 2018 Hector De Los Santos & Colin Vize, Purdue University                    Issues Related to Diversity in Clinical Science
January 26, 2018 Dr. Alytia Levendosky, Michigan State University "Intimate Partner Violence as a Prenatal Stressor: Consequences of the Mother-Child Dyad"
January 19, 2018 Dr. Katy Thakkar, Michigan State University "Prediction Failures in Schizophrenia: Evidence from the Visuomotor System"
December 8, 2017 Dr. Sarah Racine, McGill University "Emotion Regulation and Eating Disorders: A Transdiagnostic Perspective"
November 17, 2017 Dr. Susan Sangha, Purdue University "Learning to Inhibit Fear in the Presence of Safety Cues and Its Neuronal Correlates"
November 10, 2017 Ankita Krishnan and Alison Haney, Purdue University Student Research Presentations
November 3, 2017 Hector De Los Santos and Taka Suzuki, Purdue University Student Research Presentations
October 27, 2017 Lily Assaad and Andrea Massa, Purdue University Student Research Presentations
October 20, 2017 Dr. Daniel Briley, University of Illinois "Developmental Behavior Genetics of Personality Factor Coherence and Differentiation"
October 13, 2017 Dr. Jenny Cundiff, Texas Tech University "Social Behavior Underlying Risk for Cardiovascular Disease"
September 29, 2017 Kaylin Hill, Purdue University "Assessing Trial-wise Variance of the Late Positive Potential"
September 29, 2017 Belel Ait Oumeziane, Purdue University TBA
September 22, 2017 Lisa Rague, Purdue University "Validating and Applying the CSBS-ITC in Neurogenetic Syndromes"
September 22, 2017 Samantha Ingram, Purdue University "Narcissism, Interpersonal Behaviors, and Relationship Functioning in Married Couples"
September 8, 2017 Colin Vize, Purdue University "Using Bayesian Methods to Update and Expand the Meta-analytic Evidence of the Five-Factor Model's Relation to Antisocial Behavior"
September 8, 2017 Ankita Krishnan, Purdue University "Tracking Clinical Hours"


February 14, 2018 Edward Christopoher, Purdue University "Working Memory Supports Prospective Remembering (sometimes)"
February 7, 2018 Dr. James Nairne, Purdue University "A New Technique for Studying Adaptive Memory"
January 31, 2018 Dr. Alexander L. Francis, Purdue University "Using Psychophysiological Measures to Assess Affective Response to Communication Challenges Across the Lifespan"
January 24, 2018 Dr. Howard Zelaznik, Purdue University "EFfects of Practice on Easy and Difficult Fitts' Law Tasks"
January 17, 2018 Dr. Greg Francis, Purdue University "On Replication in Psychology"
January 10, 2018 Organizational Meeting
December 6, 2017 Dr. Sanjay Rebello, Purdue University "Implications of Visual Cognition for Problem Solving in STEM"
November 29, 2017 Dr. Brandon Keehn, Purdue University "An fMRI and EEG Study of Non-Social Attentional Capture in Autism Spectrum Disorder"
November 15, 2017 Dr. Sean Polyn, Vanderbilt University "The Neural Dynamics of Mental Time Travel"
October 25, 2017 Dr. Robert Ariel, Purdue University "Are There Direct Effects of Making Judgments of Learning on Text Comprehension?"
October 18, 2017 Dr. William Aue, Purdue University "Examining How Word Frequency and Context VAriability Influence Retrieval Practice Effect"
October 11, 2017 Dr. Darryl Schneider, Purdue University "Alertness and Cognitve Control"
October 4, 2017 Dr. Caroline Hornburg, Purdue University "Optimizing Problem Format to Facilitate Children's Understanding of Math Equivalence"
September 27, 2017 Dr. Andrew Butler, Washington University "Dissociating Cognitive Processes in the Transfer of Learning"
September 20, 2017 Open Science Discussion (additional information)
September 13, 2017 Dr. Sebastien Helie, Purdue University "System-Switching Perceptual Categorization"
September 6, 2017 Dr. Gene Brewer, Arizona State University "Reward Mechanisms Influence Memory & Attention Control"

August 30, 2017

Dr. Howard Zelaznik, Purdue University "On the Relationship Between the Logarithmic and Linear Speed-Accuracy Trade-Off"



November 16, 2017

Dr. Jessica de Bloom, University of Tampere, Finland "Making Leisure Work: Leisure Crafting as Active Recovery from Stressful Work" (abstract/bio)

October, 23, 2017

Rachel Williamson, University of Georgia "The Relation Between Engagement and Work Interference with Family: Examining Between- and Within-Person Differences"

October 19, 2017

Franki Kung, University of Waterloo "Managing Intercultural Conflict and Diversity at Work: A Lay Theory Perspective" (abstract)

October 16, 2017

Ho Kwan Cheung, George Mason University "Workplace Gender and Family Discrimination: How It Manifests and How to Reduce It" (abstract)

October 6, 2017

Dr. Ernest O'Boyle, Indiana University, Kelley School of Business "Current Practices and Best Practices in Structural Equation Modeling" (flyer)

September 28, 2017

Dr. Hoda Vaziri, Purdue University "Me, Myself, and I: Intra-individual Multiple Selves across Work-Nonwork Interface" (abstract)

September 14, 2017

Dr. Chris Wiese, Purdue University "Toward a Dynamic Understanding of the Interplay between Well-Being Components" (abstract)




February 12, 2018

Dr. Lydia Maniatis, Athens, Greece "Going Beyond the Information Given in Perception and in Science"

February 5, 2018

Dr. Greg Francis, Purdue University "Using a Model of Visual Perception to Improve Deep Learning"

January 29, 2018

Dr. Jean Honorio, Purdue University "Leraning Graphical Games from Behavioral Data" (abstract)

January 22, 2018

Dr. Joseph Austerweil, University of Wisconsin-Madison "Nonverbal Teaching as Communication"

January 8, 2018

Organizational Meeting

November 6, 2017

Dr. Sean Lane, Purdue University "Modeling and Inferring Affective  Dynamics in Daily Life"

October 30, 2017

Dr. Sebastien Helie, Purdue University "Using Multivariate Pattern Analysis to Explore Visual Noise Processing"

October 16, 2017

Cosmo Zhang, Purdue University "Semi-Supervised Structured Prediction with Neutral Conditional Random Field Autoencoder" (abstract)

October 2, 2017

Dr. Alex Chubykin, Purdue University "Visual Familiarity Evoked Theta Oscillations in Primary Visual Cortex"

September 25, 2017

Dr. Hong Tan, Purdue University "A Frequency-Domain Analysis of Haptic Gratings"

September 18, 2017

Dr. Richard Schweickert and Xiaofang Zheng, Purdue University "Tree Inference: Testing Factors Selectively Influencing Processes in Multinomial Processing Trees with Response Times"

Psych Dept. Graduate Students

February 16, 2018 Dr. Paul Banikiotes, ARD Consulting "The Psychologist as Consultant" (abstract)
November 13, 2017 Dr. Kim Kinzig Webinar: How Did You Get That Job? A Q&A with Professor Kim Kinzig
November 3, 2017 Dr. Tim Loving, Facebook                                        Careers in Industry                                                                                                                    

Purdue Acceptance and Inclusion Consortium

December 1, 2017

Drs. Benjamin Hadden and Sean Lane, Purdue University

"Thinking Dyadically: Toward an Understanding of Relationship Events as Dyadic Processes
November 10, 2017

Dr. Matt Motyl, University of Illinois and
co-creator of                                 

"Promoting Civil Dialogue in the Divided States of America"                                      


February 16, 2018 Adam Hampton, Purdue University "The Investment Model of System Justification: A Relational Framework for Understanding Commitment to Maintaining the Status Quo"
February 9, 2018 Dr. Valeria Sinclair-Chapman, Purdue University "Inclusive Praxis: Diversity and Inclusion in Pedagogy, Research, & Professional Life"
February 2, 2018 Dr. Eric Wesselman, Illinois State University "Investigating Diverse Types of Social Exclusion"
January 26, 2018 Dr. Susan Sangha, Purdue University "Learning to Inhibit Fear in the Presence of Safety Cues and Its Neuronal Correlates"
January 19, 2018 Dr. Natalie Lambert, Purdue University "A Search-based Approach to Sampling Large-scale Online Breast Cancer Narratives"
January 12, 2018 Faculty panel on professional networking
December 1, 2017 Dr. Lucy Hunt, Purdue University "Whom Do I Desire? The Influence of Timing and Context on Romantic Evaluations"
November 17, 2017 Maayan Dvir, Purdue University "Understanding the Relation Between Sexual Objectification and Ostracism"
November 10, 2017 Dr. Sarah Algoe, University of North Carolina TBA
November 3, 2017 Laura Parker, Purdue University "Promoting Diversity and Inclusion by 'Breaking the Prejudice Habit'"
October 27, 2017 Miranda McIntyre, Purdue University "Interests in People and Things: Personality Insights on the STEM Gender Gap"
October 20, 2017 Dr. Shinobu Kitayama, University of Michigan "Cultural Neuroscience: Linking Context to Genes and the Brain"
October 6, 2017 Dr. Laurel Weldon, Purdue University "Diversity, Power, and Solidarity in Social Movements"
September 29, 2017 Dr. Arnold Ho, University of Michigan "The Implications of Mixed-Race for the American Racial Hierarchy"
September 22, 2017 Dr. Robert Horton, Wabash College "A Perspective on Life at a Teaching-Focused School"
September 15, 2017 Dr. Jamie Druckman, Northwestern University "How Incivility on Partisan Media (De)Polarizes the Electorate"
September 8, 2017 Dr. Jean Beaman, Purdue University "Citizen Outsider: Children of North African Immigrants in France"
September 1, 2017 Peter Kearns, Purdue University "Attenuating Negative Outcomes of Mortality Salience with Awe"

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