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Name Title, Area of Specialization Email
Agnew, Christopher Professor and Head, Social Psychology
Akey, Elizabeth Clinical Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology eakey@purdue.edu
Arriaga, Ximena Professor, Social Psychology arriaga@purdue.edu
Berndt, Thomas Professor, Developmental Psychology berndt@purdue.edu
Brewster, Amy Assistant Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience abrewst@purdue.edu
Carlston, Donal Professor, Social Psychology dcarlsto@purdue.edu
Chester, Julia Associate Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience jcheste@purdue.edu
Cicirelli, Victor Professor, Developmental Psychology vcicirel@purdue.edu
Dzhafarov, Ehtibar Professor, Mathematical & Computational Cognitive Science ehtibar@purdue.edu
Eckhardt, Christopher Professor, Clinical Psychology eckhardt@purdue.edu
Foti, Daniel Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology foti@purdue.edu
Fox, Edward Associate Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience foxe@purdue.edu
Francis, Gregory

Professor, Cognitive Psychology / Mathematical & Computational Cognitive Science

Graziano, William Professor, Social Psychology graziano@purdue.edu
Hélie, Sebastien Associate Professor, Mathematical & Computational Cognitive Science shelie@purdue.edu
Hennes, Erin Assistant Professor, Social Psychology ehennes@purdue.edu
Hollich, George Associate Professor, Developmental Psychology ghollich@purdue.edu
Jagacinski, Carolyn Associate Professor, Industrial-Organizational Psychology jagacins@purdue.edu
Kaganovich, Natalya

Assistant Professor, Cognitive Psychology, Joint w/SLHS (tenure home)

Kail, Robert Distinguished Professor, Developmental Psychology rkail@purdue.edu
Karpicke, Jeffrey Associate Professor, Cognitive Psychology karpicke@purdue.edu
Keehn, Brandon

Assistant Professor, Cognitive Psychology, Joint w/SLHS (tenure home)

Kelly, Janice Professor, Social Psychology kellyjr@purdue.edu
Kemmerer, David

Professor, Cognitive Psychology, Joint w/SLHS (tenure home)

Kinzig, Kimberly Associate Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience kkinzig@purdue.edu
Lynam, Donald Professor, Clinical Psychology dlynam@purdue.edu
Monteith, Margo Professor, Social Psychology mmonteit@purdue.edu
Nairne, James Distinguished Professor, Cognitive Psychology nairne@purdue.edu
Phillips, Robert Research Associate Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience phillipr@purdue.edu
Pizlo, Zygmunt Professor, Mathematical & Computational Cognitrive Science zpizlo@purdue.edu
Powley, Terry Distinguished Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience powleyt@purdue.edu
Proctor, Robert Distinguished Professor, Cognitive Psychology rproctor@purdue.edu
Redick, Thomas Assistant Professor, Cognitive Psychology tredick@purdue.edu
Rollock, David Professor, Clinical Psychology rollock@purdue.edu
Rupp, Deborah Professor, Industrial-Organizational Psychology ruppd@purdue.edu
Samuel, Douglas Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology dbsamuel@purdue.edu
Sangha, Susan Assistant Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience sangha@purdue.edu
Schneider, Darryl Assistant Professor, Cognitive Psychology dws@purdue.edu
Schweickert, Richard Professor, Mathematical & Computational Cognitive Science schweick@purdue.edu
South, Susan Associate Professor, Clinical Psychology ssouth@purdue.edu
Su, Rong Assistant Professor, Industrial-Organizational Psychology rsu@purdue.edu
Swithers, Susan Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience swithers@purdue.edu
Tay, Louis Assistant Professor, Industrial-Organizational Psychology stay@purdue.edu
Thomas, Katherine Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology katethomas@purdue.edu
Tonnsen, Bridgette Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology btonnsen@purdue.edu
Tyler, James Associate Professor, Social Psychology tyler@purdue.edu
Urcuioli, Peter Professor, Learning & Memory Psychology urcuioli@purdue.edu
Williams, Kip Professor, Social Psychology kipw@purdue.edu
Woo, Sang Associate Professor, Industrial-Organizational Psychology sewoo@purdue.edu
Younger, Barbara Associate Professor, Developmental Psychology youngerr@purdue.edu