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Psychological Sciences Faculty

Kimberly KinzigKimberly Kinzig

Associate Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience

Mailing Address:
Department of Psychological Sciences
Purdue University
703 Third Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2081 USA

Campus Address:
Psychological Sciences, Room 1230

E-mail: kkinzig@psych.purdue.edu
Telephone: (765) 496-8230
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/kpkinziglab/

Degree: Ph.D. University of Cincinnati, 2002

Research Interests:

General research interests include neuroendocrine regulation of food intake and body weight, neurobiology of eating disorders and stress.  

Recent Publications:

Kinzig, K. P., Hargrave, S. L., Tao, E. E. (2009).  Central and peripheral effects of chronic food restriction and weight restoration in the rat.  American Journal of Physiology Endocrinology and Metabolism, 296, E282-90.

Kinzig, K. P. & Taylor, R. (2009).  Maintenance on a ketogenic diet: voluntary exercise, adiposity, and neuroendocrine effects.  International Journal of Obesity, 33, 824-830.

Honors, M., A., Davenport, B. M., & Kinzig, K. P. (2009).  Effects of consuming a high carbohydrate diet after eight weeks of exposure to a ketogenic diet.  Nutrition and Metabolism, 19, 46.

Kinzig, K. P., Honors M. A., Hargrave S. L, Davenport B. M., Strader A. D., & Wendt D. (2010) Sensitivity to the anorectic effects of leptin is retained in rats maintained on a ketogenic diet despite increased adiposity. Neuroendocrinology, 92(2):100-11.

Kinzig, K. P. & Hargrave, S. L. (2010) Adolescent activity-based anorexia induces increased anxiety-like behavior in adulthood. Physiology & Behavior, 101(2):269-76.

Kinzig, K. P., Honors, M. A., & Hargrave, S. L. (2010) Insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance are altered by maintenance on a ketogenic diet. Endocrinology, 151(7):3105-14.

Honors, M. A, Hargrave, S. L. & Kinzig, K. P.  (2011) Glucose tolerance in response to a high fat diet is improved by a high protein diet.  Obesity, epub ahead of print

Hargrave, S. L. & Kinzig K. P. (2011) Repeated gastric distension alters neuroendcrine responses to food intake.  Physiology & Behavior, 105(4):975-81.

Hargrave, SL. & Kinzig, KP. (2012) Repeated gastric distension alters food intake and neuroendocrine profiles in rats. Physiology & Behavior, 105, 269-76.

Honors, MA & Kinzig, KP. (2012), The role of insulin resistance in the development of muscle wasting during cancer cachexia. Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia, and Muscle, 3, 5-11.

Honors, M.A. & Kinzig, K.P. (2013)  Chronic exendin-4 treatment prevents the development of cancer cachexia symptoms in male rats bearing the Yoshida sarcoma.  Hormones and Cancer, (Epub ahead of print).

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