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Psychological Sciences Faculty

Christopher EckhardtChristopher Eckhardt

Professor and Director of Clinical Training, Clinical Psychology

Mailing Address:
Department of Psychological Sciences
Purdue University
703 Third Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2081 USA

Campus Address:
Psychological Sciences, Room 1242

E-mail: eckhardt@psych.purdue.edu
Telephone: (765) 494-6977
Website: http://www2.psych.purdue.edu/~eckhardt/

Degree: Ph.D. Hofstra University, 1994

Research Interests:

My general research interests involve the investigation of cognitive, affective, and behavioral risk factors that relate to intimate partner violence etiology and intervention.

Recent Publications:

Eckhardt, C. (2011). Intimate partner violence: Cognitive, affective, and relational factors. To appear in Forgas, J., Kruglanski, A., & Williams, K. (Eds.), Social conflict and aggression. Psychology Press.

Eckhardt, C. I., Samper, R., & Suhr, L., & Holtzworth-Munroe, A. (2012). Implicit attitudes towards violence among male perpetrators of intimate partner violence. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 27, 471-491.

Crane, C.*, & Eckhardt, C.I.* (2013). Negative affect, alcohol consumption, and female to-male intimate partner violence: A daily diary investigation. Partner Abuse, 4, 332-355.

Crane, C.*, & Eckhardt, C.I.* (2013). Evaluation of a single-session brief motivational enhancement intervention for partner abusive men. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 60, 180-187.

Eckhardt, C.I.,* Murphy, C.*, Whitaker, D., Sprunger, J., Dykstra, R., & Woodard, K. (2013). The effectiveness of intervention programs for perpetrators and victims of intimate partner violence: Findings from the Partner Abuse State of Knowledge Project. Partner Abuse, 4, 196-231.

Whitaker, D.*, Murphy, C., & Eckhardt, C.I., Hodges, A., & Cowart, M. (2013). Effectiveness of primary prevention efforts of intimate partner violence: A report for the Partner Abuse State of Knowledge Project. Partner Abuse, 4, 175-195.

Finkel, E.*, & Eckhardt, C.I.* (2013). Intimate partner violence. In J.A. Simpson & L. Campbell (Eds.) Handbook of close relationships (pp. 452-474). NY: Oxford.

Eckhardt, C. I.*, & Crane, C. (2014). Male perpetrators of intimate partner violence and implicit attitudes towards violence: Associations with treatment outcomes. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 38, 291-301.

LaMotte, A. D., Taft, C. T.*, Weatherill, R. P., Panuzio Scott, J., & Eckhardt, C. I. (2014). Examining intimate partner aggression assessment among returning veterans and their partners. Psychological Assessment, 26, 8-15.

Eckhardt, C. I.*, Murphy, C., & Sprunger, J. (2014). The effectiveness of intervention programs for perpetrators of intimate partner abuse. Psychiatric Times, 31 (8), 29-32.

Eckhardt, C. I.*, Crane, C.*, & Sprunger, J.* (2014). CBT for perpetrators of intimate partner violence: The “I3” approach. In Tafrate, R. C. & Mitchell, D. (Eds.) Forensic CBT: A practitioner’s guide. (pp. 187–210). NY: Wiley.

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