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Graduate Research Publication Award

Yearly award given to the graduate student whose publication demonstrates a mastery of the area and signals an exceptional program of research going forward. More information about this and other graduate student awards can be found by clicking here.

Award Winner Place Year
Takakuni Suzuki 1st Place 2016
Keisha Kovak 2nd Place 2016
Pan Priscilla Lui 1st Place 2015
Megan McCarty 2nd Place 2015
Janell Blunt 1st Place 2014
Jing Chen 2nd Place 2014
Joseph Eric Taylor 1st Place 2013
Matthew Kassner 2nd Place 2013
Philip Grimaldi 1st Place 2012
David Vachon 2nd Place 2012
Jessica Biddinger 1st Place 2011
Eric Wesselmann 2nd Place 2011
Dongbin (Tobin) Cho 1st Place 2010
Eric D. Wesselmann 2nd Place 2010
Angela B. Begle 1st Place 2009
Rustin D. Meyer 2nd Place 2009
Zhansheng Chen 1st Place 2008
Scott E. Kanoski 2nd Place 2008
Marco A.B. Vasconcelos 2nd Place 2008
Motonori Yamaguchi 1st Place 2007
Jason K. Clark 2nd Place 2007
Justin J. Lehmiller 1st Place 2006
Tamra J. Bitreta 2nd Place 2006
Andrea L. Tracy 1st Place 2005
Jennifer R. Spoor 2nd Place 2005