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C. Eugene Walker Award for Outstanding Graduate Research

Yearly award given to the graduate student whose accomplishments shows the most promise for a bright career in the psychological sciences. More information about this and other graduate student awards can be found by clicking here.

Award Winner Year
Amber Jarnecke 2015
Meghan Thornton 2014
Jing Chen 2013
Philip Grimaldi 2012
Laura VanderDrift 2011
James H. Wirth 2010
Eric D. Wesselman 2009
Marco A.B. Vasconcelos 2008
Nicole Capezza 2007
Silvia Bonaccio 2006
Justin Lehmiller 2005
Jennifer Spoor 2004
Paul Etcheverry 2004
Wind Goodfriend 2003
Kim Vu 2002
Ziyi Jiao 2001
Karen M. Lionello 2000
Hyungjun Kim 1999