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  • Sibylle Kranz, PhD, RD Associate Professor
    Director of the Coordinated Program in Dietetics
    Member of the Ingestive Behavior Research Center
    204 Stone Hall
    700 W. State Street
    West Lafayette, IN 47907
    Phone: 765-494-6758
    Fax: 765-494-0674

    Dinah Dalder, MS, RD
    Dietetics Program Manager
    Phone: 765-496-6820
    Fax: 765-496-9606

Estimated Costs of the CPD

The university recognizes that the costs for individual students are dependent on social and economic background and current life-style. Costs include regular tuition (fall and spring semesters), fees, textbooks, housing, clothing, food, and incidentals as outlined in the University Bulletin. Estimated costs are approximate and subject to change.

Tuition is required to enroll in the courses of the CPD program. Full time enrollment is required during the Fall (12 credits) and Spring (13 credits) semesters. Please see the updated tuition fee schedule on the University Bursar's website.

Item Explanation
Uniform/lab coats Interns are required to wear and maintain a white clean, professional lab coat, black pants, white shirt, black duty shoes, and additional uniform pieces that might be required by rotation facilities.
Name tag Interns are required to wear the Purdue CPD name tag in their supervised practice locations, in class, and other official functions (e.g. travel to professional meetings). One nametag is provided. Additional or replacement nametags are the responsibility of the intern.
ADA Membership Student membership is required. Students are expected to have proof of membership before the rotation schedule begins. Student fees include free access to educational and training materials, reduced registration fees for professional meetings, and the monthly professional journal.
Professional Liability Insurance Purdue purchases a group insurance policy for all students. The insurance is required by the participating facilities and provides coverage for liability arising out of real or alleged medical incidents when injury claimed is the result of error, accident, or omission. Payment covers all court costs, expert legal counsel, and claims adjusters.
Criminal background check Rotation sites require interns to complete this check (may have to repeat for different practice sites)
Medical Insurance Medical insurance is required until the CPD is completed. Students maintain full-time student status at Purdue University and may chose to enroll in the medical insurance coverage offered by Purdue. International medical insurance fee required (about $60) for international placements.
Registration Exam Preparation Materials A review course to prepare for the national examination for Registered Dietitians will be scheduled during the final week of the CPD.
Health Examinations and Tests Students are required to obtain a complete physical examination, TB test, Hepatitis B vaccine series and titer and additional testing (e.g. drug screen) that might be required by rotation facilities. The Purdue Student Health Center can conduct the physical examination. Students are responsible for locating the other services and the payment of any fees for these services. Interns are responsible for all costs of additional testing that may be required by practice sites, e.g. drug screen. These tests are unique to the practice site, but are not otherwise required for the CPD.
  1. Travel to rotation facilities and class
  2. At least one professional meeting. Costs include but are not limited to travel, hotel, registration fees, incidentals)
Other If a student chooses a national or international rotation site for the Engagement rotation (e.g. NASA in Houston, TX or Ireland), additional costs arise.
Study Abroad Fee Study abroad fee for international location for engagement rotation

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