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Lisa Jackman, RD, ICRC Bionutrition Manager, teaches students about the role of the research dietitian in human studies involving diet.

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  • Sibylle Kranz, PhD, RD Associate Professor
    Director of the Coordinated Program in Dietetics
    Member of the Ingestive Behavior Research Center
    204 Stone Hall
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    Phone: 765-494-6758
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    Dinah Dalder, MS, RD
    Dietetics Program Manager
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Eligibility/acceptance requirements

Students currently accepted or enrolled in one of the programs within the Department of Nutrition Science are eligible to apply to the Purdue CPD. Students who have graduated from the DPD program prior to August 2011 are not eligible to apply. This arrangement allows Purdue’s program to be exempt from the nationwide D & D matching process required of dietetic internships. As a result of Purdue’s waived status, any student accepting an invitation to join the Purdue CPD cannot participate in any further application process for supervised practice programs, i.e., apply to a dietetic internship or participate in D & D matching. Such an action, on the part of any student, jeopardizes Purdue’s accreditation status with CADE. Other criteria for admission are outlined below.

Current undergraduate Purdue students

  1. Students who have completed or are in the process to complete the DPD courses with a passing grade and maintained a 2.5 minimum GPA with a minimum of C in all F&N courses are eligible to apply for the CPD. Application/acceptance occurs in the Fall semester at the latest in the year preceding the supervised practice experience. Additional students may be invited to apply at any time up to the start of the practice experience to fill vacancies created by students who withdraw. Students meeting the requirement of regency of education (not graduated prior to August 6, 2011) are considered for application.

  2. Work experience, either paid or volunteer, in the dietetics field before application is highly encouraged.

  3. The application form is available on the Department of Nutrition Science and CPD website. Every applicant needs two letters of recommendation: at least one from a faculty member, and if applicable, one from an employer or volunteer supervisor. In addition, a personal statement is required.

  4. A personal interview with the CPD admissions committee, including the program director and manager as well as representatives from practice facilities, is part of the application procedure. The selection process is be completed and accepted applicants are notified before registration for the Spring semester preceding the start of supervised practice.

Other Students

  1. Students who have received a Verification Statement for a Didactic Program in Dietetics from another institution are not eligible to apply to the CPD program.

  2. Students who pursued but have not completed a Didactic Program in Dietetics and who wish to apply must meet the following qualifications:
  3. • An official transcript is sent to the Department undergraduate study advisor for evaluation of transfer into the DPD program at Purdue University
    • At minimum, course work in the final semester before starting the practice experience is required. This will typically include FN 44200 and 52000. Additional courses that may be required are FN 42400, 33000, 53000, 58000.
  4. Students who accepted into the Graduate Program in the Department of Nutrition Science at Purdue University must complete the same course requirements as undergraduate students to be eligible to apply for the CPD. Some graduate level courses may be substituted for equivalent undergraduate courses, following the policy of the Didactic Program in Dietetics at Purdue University. Students accepted into the Graduate Program in the Department of Nutrition Science who have completed a Didactic Program in Dietetics are not eligible to apply to the CPD program.
The application process is the same for all applicants regardless of the route to eligibility. The selection process is completed and accepted applicants notified before registration for the Spring semester preceding the start of the supervised practice in Fall.

Prior Learning

At times, individuals may be interested in the Coordinated Program but already have substantial experience in the field. However, due to the program requirement to evaluate student's progress towards meeting the competency requirements, no parts of the CPD program may be waived. All students enrolled in the CPD program complete at least 1200 hours of supervised practice, even if prior experience overlaps with the scheduled activities of the CPD.

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