Christine Ladisch

Over the past year, faculty and staff from the College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) have been working together to develop the college's strategic plan. Throughout its development, a guiding principle has been to build a strong foundation for HHS. Establishing an environment of openness, innovation and collaboration, as well as an appreciation of diversity, is critical to achieving our goals. Such an environment reflects the enduring values of HHS faculty and staff, and it prepares the college for exciting growth and greater impact on the state of Indiana, the nation and the world.

The planning process forced us to look inward — to determine what was important to us, to ask what we wanted to become and how we would get there. Through our teaching, research and engagement, we will continue to address important problems central to improving the lives of people. We have the strategic advantage of being the academic home to scholars in both the human sciences and health sciences. Together, we aspire to a reputation for excellence in our research, in how we teach and prepare students for the future and in the ways in which we serve our communities. As each day passes, we move closer to achieving these goals, which are intentionally and closely aligned with those in the University's New Synergies plan.

We anticipate having our strategic plan completed by the end of this year.

In this issue of Life 360, those three areas of the HHS strategic plan — learning, discovery and engagement — are exemplified through stories and photos. In "Rethinking Teaching," you'll read about new learning strategies taking place in HHS classrooms. "Fighting Parkinson's" covers eight HHS researchers who are studying potential causes and the effects of Parkinson's disease, a disease affecting nearly 1 million people living in the U.S., along with innovative ways patients are coping with the disease. In "It's About Time", you'll learn about our newest initiative, the Women's Global Health Institute, a comprehensive and collaborative partnership with Purdue's Discovery Park that is proactively focusing on protecting and improving women's health and well-being through prevention of disease. Our engagement stories also include a piece on the "My Plate" exhibit, which made its premiere at the Indiana State Fair this summer, and an article about the Center for Global Urban Sustainability.

This issue continues our magazine's mission to tell our story through vivid photography. I think you'll enjoy our "Tools of the Trade" photos, as well as photos from the most recent (2012) Purdue University Dance Marathon, a student organization founded by Travis Stoutenborough, an HHS alumnus.

As we enter into our third academic year as a college, I'd like to thank you for your support and encouragement as we build your new home at Purdue, the College of Health and Human Sciences.

Hail Purdue!


Christine Ladisch
Inaugural Dean

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