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Student Organizations

There are several student organizations specifically for students majoring in hospitality and tourism management. The organizations offer a variety of activities including professional development and community service. Visit HHS Student Organizations. Also, visit Purdue Student Organizations. (Click on Browse Organizations.)

American Hotel and Lodging Association - Purdue Chapter

AHLA promotes the social and professional development of hospitality students.  Members tour some of the highest rated hotels in Greater Lafayette, Indianapolis, and Chicagoland.  Members also network with top executives in the industry at campus events and the national conference.

Advisor: Annmarie Nicely
President: Ben Worland
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AHLA officers

Club Managers Association of America

CMAA is designed to promote and advance relations among persons connected with the management of clubs. Students are involved in setting up field trips to various types of clubs as well as educational seminars for students interested in the various facets of club management.

Advisor: Hugo Tang 
Currently inactive

Eta Sigma Delta

This international honor society recognizes academic excellence of hospitality management students. Eta Sigma Delta is part of the Council of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Educators (CHRIE). Students in the academic top 20 percent of the college are invited to join this prestigious society. Members engage in community service, tutoring hospitality management students, social activities, and professional service to the hospitality industry.

Advisor: Joe Ismail
President: Ontario Kabobel
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ESD officers

Griffin Corps

Griffin Corps is an elite foodservice team-in-training that serves at prestigious University functions. Corps members earn academic credit and are paid for hours worked. Members selected take HTM 393 Advanced Service Technique and HTM 394 Service Internship for a total of two credits.

Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association

HSMA provides students who have an interest in sales and marketing with the opportunity to develop those skills working with hotels, restaurants, and tourist organizations throughout the Midwest. HSMA organizes six sales blitzes each year where members become part of the professional sales force of a company, making personal phone calls on their behalf. HSMA provides a great opportunity to network with executives in the hospitality industry, gain valuable sales experience, and stay in some of the finest hotels in the region (all expenses paid).

Advisor: Mick La Lopa
President: Alicia Van Rensburg
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HSMA officers

HTM Career Day Executive Board

This elected board is responsible for organizing and implementing the annual HTM Career Day that hosts over 50 companies to campus.

Advisors: Doug Nelson; and Maria Campos
President: Kayan Olinger 

HTM Graduate Student Association

The mission of the HTM Graduate Student Association is to market the HTM graduate program to the industry and prospective students.
Advisor: Li Miao
President: Amy (Yue) Li
GSA Officers

Hospitality and Tourism Management Society

HTM Society is an association of students who plan to enter the hospitality industry as professional managers. Members have a common interest in helping each other understand the profession of foodservice and lodging management.

Advisor: Carl Behnke
President: Bella Murray
HTM Society officers

National Society of Minorities in Hospitality

NSMH is the premier professional organization for minorities in hospitality. The group addresses diversity and mulitculturalism, as well as a focus on career development. They work to make the industry aware of the benefits that a diverse workforce provides in a business that caters to the world. Its motto: "Today's Students - Tomorrow's Leaders".

Advisors: Sandra Sydnor
President: Yizhu Liao
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NSMH officers

Professional Convention Management Association

PCMA is dedicated to actively pursuing opportunities in the special events industry. Members learn from special events industry guest speakers and through hands-on experience how to present, promote, and effectively put on events.

Advisor: Mick La Lopa
President: Allison Jones
PCMA Officers

Restaurant and Foodservice Association

The purpose of The Purdue University Restaurant Association is to guide each student member to develop both personally and professionally, to help students generate trusted social and professional networks, and to encourage students to commit to excellence in the restaurant industry. As a chapter, we strive to mold each member into the ideal hospitality industry professional, prior to his or her graduation date. We will hold events to give students the opportunity to explore culinary innovations, restaurant structures, and business procedures in order to become well versed in numerous aspects of restaurant and food service industries.

Advisor: Rich Ghiselli
President:Colton Kaplan
RFA Officers

Tourism Association of Purdue

TAP is a support group for students interested in the tourism industry. Guest speakers help members gain insight into the types of jobs available upon graduation. Members attend tourism conferences across the United States to facilitate industry networking.

Advisors: Jonathon Day
Interim President: Becca Keutzer
TAP Officers