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In addition to your academic requirements, the college requires 320 paid hours of employment in the hospitality industry for your internship (HTM 30200).  It may be met during the school year (semester) or a summer session.  The internship (HTM 30200) must be completed during your undergraduate studies in HTM. The main goal of this internship (HTM 30200) requirement is to help students gain industry experience. The HTM faculty considers an internship (HTM 30200) as a structured and supervised industry experience in which the student is: 1) paid, 2) rotated through a minimum of three functional areas, and 3) completes a minimum of 320 hours for a summer or semester internship. Hospitality recruiters and hiring managers look for more than a degree. Your internship (HTM 30200) will be a critical component along with education, leadership ability and interpersonal skills to you obtaining a career-tracked position after graduation.

Why does it have to be in the hospitality industry?

We have made a commitment that experiential learning will be a strong component in our degree program. Industry leaders expect all of our graduates to have worked in the hospitality industry to satisfy their work experience and internship requirements.

Departmental requirements:

Students are required to complete both the HTM 30200 Internship AND the HTM 20200 Work Experience, and  are required to read the HTM 202-302 Syllabus, attend the mandatory orientation meeting (scheduled each semester) and pass the on-line quiz before an override will be submitted for registration by your academic advisor for  HTM 302 Internship or HTM 202 Work Experience. The department strongly recommends that all students register for our HTM List Serve. The HTM List Serve is an e-blast students will receive from our coordinator when employers are looking to fill internship, part time and full time opportunities.

HTM 202/302 Syllabus and Information Packet 

HTM Internship Opportunities in myCCO

Student Responsibilities

  • The student will need to register for the HTM List Serve to receive emails of employers looking to fill an internship or position.
  • The student will need to register for the HTM 302-Internship.
  • The student will submit the internship application form with proper signatures by the deadline date.
  • The student will submit written reports to the employer upon request.
  • The student will abide by all of the rules and policies of the cooperating employer.
  • The student will complete three student reports for the School of HTM during the internship.
  • The student will make sure the employer completes the Employer Internship Progress Evaluation Form for the HTM Department during the internship.
  • The student will turn in proof of paid work hours (minimum of 320 hours per credit hour paid at a rate equivalent to at least minimum wage).
  • Accepting employment implies an obligation to continue with the employer as per the agreed upon dates of employment and until obligations to the employer have been met.

School of HTM Responsibilities

  • The school will inform the students of the advantages of internships within our industry and counsel them on coordination with their academic timetable.
  • The HTM Career Center will coordinate interviews and post information to help students become aware of internship opportunities within your organizations.
  • The school will monitor student progress with cooperating employers via telephone and personal visits when necessary.
  • The HTM Career Center will send one Employer Internship Progress Form and a letter to the participating employer when the Internship application form is received.

Employer Responsibilities

  • The employment time periods should be specified in advance and the employer should confirm in writing the starting date and ending date of the internship. This confirmation should occur no fewer than five (5) days prior to the student's starting date.
  • The employer agrees to schedule and/or offer work opportunities to the student such that he/she can fulfill the 320 hour paid work experience requirement during the specified employment period (semester or summer). If the position requires overtime, inform the student of overtime expectations prior to beginning employment.
  • The employer agrees to expose the student to at least three functional areas during the internship. Significant time should be spent in each area so the student can be knowledgeable within each area. The HTM internship faculty advisor can provide additional information on possible rotations.
  • The employer should make every effort to provide the student with access to training material used in the operation.
  • The student should be placed under the direct supervision of one person such as, general manager, training director, personnel director, internship coordinator or other appropriate person so the student's progress can be monitored. This individual would be responsible for completing one evaluation during the internship. The due date for the evaluation will be on the Employer Internship Progress Form. A company progress form may also be used. The employer should counsel and advise the student on his/her progress and offer suggestions for improvements.
  • The employer will pay the student a reasonable wage while employed, commensurate with his/her ability, experience, the position and the cost of living in the area.
  • The employer will permit the Purdue internship faculty advisor to visit the employer's site or speak with them for the purpose of reviewing the program with the appropriate officials and speaking with students presently at the facility.
  • Whenever possible and applicable, students will be invited to attend company meetings and training sessions.
  • When applicable, the employer will provide realistic housing and transportation information to the student.
  • In the event a student is not performing in accordance with both company and the school of HTM standards, the employer is under no obligation to continue employment. Prior to termination of the internship agreement, the internship faculty advisor must be notified.

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