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MS Degree

The master of science degree allows students to fully specialize and includes significant exposure to research. Students are provided with a full set of skills allowing for a successful career in chosen fields of specialization, including strong preparation for entry into PhD programs. Emphasis areas allow students to spend as many as 18 out of 34 required credits related to their areas of interest. Most full-time students complete the program in two years if no prerequisites were required.

The recently revised curriculum for the MS program offers one of the most up-to-date and integrated blends of theory, use of technology, and applications in the hospitality industry. Core courses advance the student's understanding of this dynamic industry while they learn how to conduct research and analyze information. Students then specialize in their area of interest through a variety of elective choices and research projects, culminating in a required thesis project. Numerous opportunities exist for students to work one-on-one with faculty developing, conducting, and analyzing research dealing with real problems and important issues in the hospitality industry.

Non-Thesis Option:

The Non-Thesis option is the newest M.S. option and meets the needs of those wishing to earn a Master's Degree and return to industry with no intent of pursuing a Ph.D. Program.

Requirements for both Thesis and Non-Thesis options are the same in the first semester. In order to complete program requirements within four semesters however, students should decide which option best fits their needs by the end of the first semester. At the time of registration for second semester, students should complete HTM Form N/T to specify which option they wish to pursue. The option requirements are shown below.

Program Requirements (MS)

 Thesis Option (34/35 credits)

Non-Thesis Option (34/35 credits)

Year 1: Year1:
HTM 50200 HTM 50200
HTM 58100 or HTM 58100 or
HTM 59100 HTM 59100
STAT 50100 or 51100 or SOC 58000   STAT 50100 or 51100 or SOC 58000
HTM 50100 HTM 50100
HTM 50101 HTM 50101
HTM 57100 HTM 57100
STAT 50200 or 51200 or SOC 58100 HTM 54100
Year 2: Year 2:
HTM 58100 or HTM 53100
HTM 59100 HTM 58100 or
HTM 61200 HTM 59100
HTM 69800 (3 credits) HTM 61200
HTM elective (3 credits) HTM 54100 or
HTM 69800 (3 credits) HTM 64200
*HTM 59000

*Thesis Option Students may also do a HTM
69800 (6 credits) and HTM 5900 -
Graduate Industry Practicum* (1 credit)

*HTM 59000 - Graduate Industry Practicum*
(3 credits) or 3 credit course from the
"HTM Approved List of Graduate Industry Courses"
or 3 credit courses from the "HTM Approved List of
Graduate Industry Courses" and HTM 59000 -
Graduate Industry Practicum* (1 credit)

* HTM 590- Graduate Industry Practicum (1 or 3 credits)

Course Description: The student will complete an industry related project which may include as part of the requirement to graduate work experience around which the project is focused. Students must have an HTM faculty advisor to work with on the project for the Graduate Industry Practicum.

**It is the student's responsibility to secure the graduate industry experience/internship - NOT the professor or the HTM Unit.

Additional Non-Thesis Options

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