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Why HTM?

Purdue's Hospitality and Tourism Management research-based graduate programs lead to a master of science or doctor of philosophy degrees. These highly customized programs allow students to select 18 out of the 34 required hours that best match their research interests.

Our graduate students come from a variety of U.S. and international colleges and universities (more than half are international students) with undergraduate degrees in hospitality, tourism, business, economics, or other related fields. Most already have some work experience within some area of the hospitality industry.


The school's three research centers in foodservice, lodging, and tourism offer numerous opportunities for graduate students to work closely with faculty on funded projects. In order to provide the best faculty-to-student ratios, we limit enrollment.

Interdisciplinary Foundation

As part of a major research university, we are able to offer qualified students access to courses in individual areas of interest including food science, foods and nutrition, consumer affairs, engineering, education, industrial management, community planning, and others. This broad access to coursework combined with our support for individualized programs is designed to meet the needs of the mature student who has well-defined career goals.


No rankings for programs in this discipline are conducted by major U.S. magazines as with other disciplines. Surveys are regularly taken of educators and industry executives. These are published periodically in the Cornell Quarterly. Purdue consistently ranks in the top 5 for all programs and in the top 3 for some.

Placement Assistance

Graduate students are welcome to use the services of the HTM Career Center. However, most graduate students are seeking advanced positions requiring an individualized search and the career center is of limited help. The faculty devote effort to help in these individualized searches. For international students seeking internship experience or one-year practical training positions, the career center is a major source of assistance.