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Departmental Funding

Over the past few years, about one-third of the school's graduate students have been funded in some manner with priority given to PhD students. This includes part-time work (which may or may not include tuition waivers), normal school funding as described below, positions in other University offices, and scholarships. It is a school goal to continue funding at this level and to continually look for new sources of funds. While the school's goal is clear, finding additional sources of funds can be difficult. For this reason, graduate students should make plans to fund the program through private sources.

For more information on funding, see Graduate School Funding.


All graduate students in the school are eligible to receive financial assistance when available. For the fall semester, decisions about graduate assignments are made on or about June 1. Applicants who require a response prior to June 1 should make a request in writing. Please note: It may not be possible for the department to make a positive response to such requests.


Assistance is normally available in two categories as follows:

  • Teaching Assistantships
    The department has teaching assignments in several areas. Most of the assignments have some involvement with the foods laboratories. There are limited other offerings dependent on University funding in a specific year. These limited offerings are usually in the department laboratories and in introductory level courses. There is an English proficiency requirement for graduate students whose first language is not English; for more details please see HTM Admissions.
  • Research Assistantships
    Research assistantships are assigned to individual professors on the basis of funded research projects. These limited offerings are awarded to students qualified to provide assistance on a particular project. The projects cover the full spectrum of hospitality interests. The individual professors choose their research assistants, and most assistants are chosen from second-year students.


The school does have limited scholarship funds. Funding comes from a variety of alumni and business sponsors. These sponsors often attach specific requirements such as interest in specific research areas. All students are informed of these opportunities and can apply if eligible.

Campus Employment

There are numerous work opportunities on the campus. All students, including international students, are eligible to apply for and hold such positions.


Notification of potential assignments and awards are shared with all students, through the Graduate bulletin board or by special announcement. Students who have an interest can then apply to the specific faculty supervisor involved. Students with appropriate backgrounds are also forwarded to the faculty supervisors from this office. Work opportunities (without tuition consideration) must await campus arrival.

Tuition Fee 2015 - 2016

West Lafayette Campus
8 Credit Hours or more

Regular Fall/Spring Per Semester
FALL 2015**

For students enrolled
General Service $ 4,603.90
Technology Fee* $ 94.10
Repair & Rehabilitation Fee* $ 161.00
Student Fitness & Wellness Fee* $ 122.00
Student Activity Fee* $ 20.00
Total Resident $ 5,001.00
Nonresident Tuition $ 9,401.00
Total Nonresident $ 14,402.00

(**All University fees are subject to change without notice. - Please visit the Office of the Bursar's Tuition and Fee Rates page for more details)