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HTM Faculty Directory

Name Title Phone (765) E-mail Office
Adler, Howard C.B. Smith Professor of Hotel Management and Director, Center for the Study of Lodging Operations 494-5998 adlerh@purdue.edu MRRT 261
Almanza, Barbara Professor and Director of Graduate Programs 494-9847 almanzab@purdue.edu MRRT 206E
Behnke, Carl Associate Professor 494-9887 behnkec@purdue.edu MRRT 246
Cai, Liping Professor and Director, Purdue Tourism and Hospitality Research Center 494-9560 liping@purdue.edu MRRT 263
Conway, Carl Clinical Chef Instructor 496-7282 conway2@purdue.edu MRRT 153E
Day, Jonathon Associate Professor 496-2084 JonDay@purdue.edu MRRT 255
Ghiselli, Richard Professor and Department Head 496-2636 ghiselli@purdue.edu MRRT 227A
Ismail, Joseph Associate Professor 494-4736 ismailj@purdue.edu MRRT 259
Jaffé, William Associate Professor 494-8321 jaffew@purdue.edu MRRT 243 
Jang, SooCheong Professor 496-3610 jang12@purdue.edu MRRT 245
Kreul, Lee Professor Emeritus   kreull@purdue.edu  
La Lopa, Mick Associate Professor
494-6218 lalopam@purdue.edu MRRT 241
Lazarus, Bruce Professor Emeritus   blazarus@purdue.edu  
Lehto, Xinran Professor 496-2085 xinran@purdue.edu MRRT 257
Leitch, Stephen Instructor sleitch@purdue.edu
Lulay, Ambarish Clinical Chef Instructor 494-6233 alulay@purdue.edu MRRT 159
Morrison, Alastair Professor Emeritus N/A N/A
Nelson, Doug Associate Professor 496-2498 nelsond@purdue.edu MRRT 244
Nicely, Annmarie Assistant Professor 494-4740 ajnicely@purdue.edu MRRT 239
Nuebling, Michaela Visiting Instructor 494-8031 mnueblin@purdue.edu MRRT 247
Pearson, Thomas Professor Emeritus pearsont@purdue.edu
Rousselle, John Associate Professor 494-4738 rousselj@purdue.edu MRRT 238
Sydnor, Sandra Associate Professor 494-3449 ssydnorb@purdue.edu MRRT 251
Tang, Hugo Assistant Professor 494-4733 tang14@purdue.edu MRRT 253