Purdue University
Sport and Exercise Psychology
Undergraduate Program
Meghan H. McDonough, Ph.D. (The University of British Columbia) is an associate professor of Kinesiology. Dr. McDonough is interested in the role that social relationships play in motivational and emotional processes in physical activity. Specifically, she examines how social factors and self-perceptions contribute to motivation, emotion, well-being, and adaptation to adversity. She has examined these questions in youth and adults, and in special populations including breast cancer survivors, underserved youth, individuals with Parkinson’s disease, overweight women, and Special Olympics participants. You may contact Meghan at mcdonough@purdue.edu.

Graduate Students:
Lindley McDavid Lindley McDavid, M.S. (Illinois State University) is a doctoral student interested in social relationships and motivational processes within youth physical activity contexts. As a masters student at Illinois State University, Lindley researched the role of social relationships in supporting adolescent self-determined motivation and behavior in the leisure-time physical activity and sport settings.  Currently, Lindley is building upon this work by researching social relationships between staff and youth and among youth participants within the positive youth development setting. Lindley is funded by a Purdue Research Foundation fellowship, and has been a teaching assistant in the Department of Health and Kinesiology, and a research assistant and the College of Health and Human Sciences extension division. You may contact Lindley at mmcdavi@purdue.edu.
Stephanie Orstad Stephanie Orstad, M.S. (University of Iowa) is a Health Promotion doctoral candidate in the department of Health and Kinesiology at Purdue University. She has a master’s degree in Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity. She is interested in approaches to increasing physical activity in communities. Stephanie’s research projects include a systematic review of the physical activity and built environment literature and a study of correlates of trail use for recreation and transportation. Her dissertation research examines interrelationships between perceived and objectively-measured neighborhood environment, depression, and physical activity in diverse, urban-dwelling adults and older women. You may contact Stephanie at sorstad@purdue.edu.
Shaina Riciputi

Shaina Riciputi, B.A. (Colorado College) is a masters student interested in social relationships and motivational processes within physical activity contexts. More specifically, Shaina is interested in social relationships, psychological well-being and participation in physical activity programs, with a specific focus on female and adolescent populations. During her time at Colorado College, Shaina researched the effect of stereotype threat on NCAA Division I and Division III athlete’s academic performance. Shaina is a teaching assistant in the Department of Health and Kinesiology. You may contact Shaina at sriciput@purdue.edu.