Dr. Rietdyk has research links with many other departments across campus:  the lab is used not only for biomechanics research and teaching within Health and Kinesiology, but also for an undergraduate gait analysis laboratory for Biomedical Engineering (BME 206 Biomedical Engineering Laboratory II).  The lab has also been used for data collection of research projects from the departments of Mechanical Engineering, Veterinary Clinical Sciences and Electrical and Computer Engineering.
Biomechanics Laboratory
The biomechanics laboratory includes a three-dimensional motion analysis system (Optotrak, NDI) integrated with electromyography (muscular electrical activity; 16-channel Bortec) and the ground reaction forces and torques (AMTI force plate).  Visual illusions are created with a motorized moving room (designed and built at Purdue's Machine Shop).  The dimensions of the biomechanics laboratory are 40 ft by 15 ft (600 ft2), allowing up to a 40 ft walkway.