Degree Description

Upon completion of a health and safety teaching degree, students can obtain their license to teach grades P-12. Health education teachers promote health literacy by enabling students to comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention, access valid health information and health promoting products and services, practice health-enhancing behaviors and reduce health risks, analyze the influence of culture and other factors on health, use interpersonal communication skills to enhance health, use goal setting and decision making skills to enhance health, and advocate for personal, family, and community health. Teacher preparation involves early and continuous field and classroom experiences designed to develop knowledge related to physical education and health content and skills in using teaching strategies. Teaching majors also are provided with classroom and field experiences related to growth and development, communication, management and motivation, diverse learners, assessment, reflection, and collaboration with others.

  • Public or Private School Health Teacher
  • District School Health Education Coordinator/Curriculum Director
  • School Health Education Consultant
  • School Health Education Specialist in Private and Public Agencies
  • University Professor
  • University Wellness Director

  • Changing your major to Health & Safety Teaching
    CODO Process for Students Interested in Health and Human Sciences Majors

    Degree Requirement Sheet/Four Year Plan
    Health & Safety Teaching Degree Requirement Sheet
    Health & Safety Teaching Four Year Plan
    PE & Health Double Major Four Year Plan

    Additional Resources
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