About PALS

The Purdue Athletes Life Success Program (formerly the National Youth Sports Program - NYSP) has been at Purdue University since 2002. Enrollment is open to all youngsters in the community ages 8 to 14 whose parents or guardians meet Department of Health and Human Services income guidelines. The program is free to attend! The goal of PALS is to inspire kids to stay active and healthy. However, the program is much more than a sports camp.

The Four Pillars of Character

At PALS, we work to create an environment that allows each child to grow and become the best version of themselves. We strive to provide a climate that focuses on personal improvement and building positive relationships with peers and adults. Each week at camp, we focus on one of four pillars of character: kindness, fairness, courage, and service. The pillar for each week is incorporated into activities throughout the camp, such as sports, art, computers, swimming, and special events.


Kindness means that we think about other people, and do things to show we care about them. We think about other people's feelings. We do nice things for others. We help people who are in need. We don't expect anything in return-we do kind things just to make other people's lives better.


Fairness means making sure that everyone gets what they need. Sometimes we need more, sometimes we are okay with what we have and can give to others who need it more than us. Fairness also means that we are not biased, that everyone is listened to and treated with equal respect and consideration. When we are fair, we are honest, play by the rules, and give everyone a chance.


When we have courage, we have the strength to rise to challenges, stay the course, and stand up for what is right. We can withstand difficulty and fear because we strongly believe what we are doing is right. Therefore, we are brave and confident in ourselves.


Service is doing something big or small for others. Service means that we are voluntarily choosing to do something that benefits our comunity. It is our acts of kindness, fairness, and courage that impact our broader community and world.


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Sponsors & Partners

Our sponsors and partners are a huge factor in the success of our program. Please take a moment to see the people and organizations that have helped us out on our continuing journey and visit their websites. More information on how you can help PALS can be found in this section as well.

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