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About Us

The Purdue Athletes Life Success Program (formerly the National Youth Sports Program - NYSP) has been at Purdue University since 2002. Enrollment is open to all youngsters in the community ages 8 to 14 whose parents or guardians meet Department of Health and Human Services income guidelines. The program is free to attend! The goal of PALS is to inspire kids to stay active and healthy. However, the program is much more than a sports camp.

The Four Pillars

Each summer, four pillars of character are emphasized as teaching points for our staff members.


Respect means that we think and act in a positive way about ourselves and towards other people. We can show that we appreciate others, their feelings, and ways they can help us. It means e understand and demonstrate that everyone is valuable, have good ideas to contribute, and we about what they think. When we are being respectful we choose the words we use carefully, and are sure to use positive language that helps build others up, not tear them down.


Responsibility involves being reliable, dependable, and accountable for your actions. We focus on accountability, demonstrating self-control, doing your best, and doing what is expected of you. Activities focus on setting realistic and challenging goals, taking on roles and responsibilities within the team, developing leadership skills, and managing emotions and conflicts.


When we have courage, we have the strength to rise to challenges, stay the course, and stand up for what is right. We can withstand difficulty and fear because we strongly believe. what we are doing is right. Therefore, we can be brave and confident in ourselves.


Caring is showing genuine interest in and concern and compassion for other people. We focus on working together, developing closer relationships, helping each other, and being charitable and giving to others. Activities this week focuson further developing supportive relationships, cooperative games and activities, sharing, and developing a sense of unity within each camp team.

How to Help

Here, you can find the gift/pledge form in order to donate to the Purdue Athletes Life Success program. If electing to give a gift online, please select "Other" for the Designation Area and type "PALS" into the Other Instructions.

If you would like to give a gift offline, please call Donor Services at 800-319-2199 for a one-time charge to your credit card.

In addition to monetary support, we also accept donations for services and products.


  • Purdue Federal Credit Union
  • Big Ten Conference
  • Alcoa Foundation
  • Boilermaker Half-Marathon
  • CHAMPS Foundation
  • Lafayette Daybreak Rotary
  • The Brees Dream Foundation
  • Arni's Restaurants
  • Purdue University HK Club
  • Kirby Risk Foundation
  • Lafayette Rotary Club
  • Purdue Evans Scholars
  • Visions of Hope
  • Duke Energy Foundation
  • Purdue University HK Graduate Student Organization
  • USDA/IDOE Summer Food Program
  • Lafayette Life Insurance

Private Donors

  • Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Tinckell
  • Mark Luigi Coletta
  • Greta and Brett Jungels
  • Mr. Robert Griffiths
  • Hannah Boeh
  • Mr. James K. Risk III


  • Purdue College of Health and Human Sciences Development
  • Purdue Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Wabash Valley Alliance
  • Greater Lafayette Health Services
  • Tippecanoe School Corporation
  • Speedo Sports Marketing
  • Coyote Crossing Golf Course
  • Walmart West Lafayette
  • Purdue ITaP
  • Ice Cream Specialties
  • Purdue Division of Recreational Sports
  • Freckles Graphics
  • Purdue Student Health Center (PUSH)
  • Lafayette School Corporation
  • West Lafayette School Corporation
  • Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex
  • Midwest Rentals
  • Purdue Women in Engineering
  • Chipotle
  • Jimmy Johns
  • Purdue Residences Conference Services
  • Purdue Licensing and Marketing
  • Purdue School of Nursing
  • Lafayette Tecumseh Junior High School
  • Therapy Dogs International (TDI)
  • Lafayette Parks and Recreation
  • Gritten Turf
  • WinCraft, Inc.
  • Subway