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Careers in the social sciences offer the chance to make a difference in the lives of many people, young and old. The goal is to help young children get off to a good start in life, provide support to families during difficult times, and enable senior citizens to make the most of their lives. Regardless of how HDFS graduates apply their knowledge and skills, they will find many outlets to do their part in making the world a better place.

  • Early Childhood Education and Exceptional Needs
    Students gain knowledge and skills for a variety of careers in education and intervention programs for young children and their families. Graduates are prepared to be teachers in preschool classrooms and/or in classrooms serving children with exceptional needs through third grade.
  • Developmental and Family Science
    The Developmental and Family Science curriculum is designed to provide students with a strong theoretical background in human development and family science. Students will develop basic research skills while under the supervision of HDFS faculty during the Capstone Experience. 
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Education
    Family and Consumer Sciences Educators help students in middle and high school develop important life skills in the areas of nutrition, interpersonal relationships, child development, and life and careers. Graduates are also prepared to find careers in human service agencies, business and industry, and the Cooperative Extension Service.
  • Human Services
    If you are interested in working with people to help improve their life circumstances, the Human Services major may be an excellent choice for you. Students in this major are concerned about today's individuals and families and want to help them find solutions to challenging circumstances.


Students may pursue a wide variety of minors. The length of time it takes to complete these minors is dependent upon the student's major and the particular minor. Students interested in pursuing a minor should make an appointment to see their academic advisor to discuss the requirements for the minor and how the courses fit within their plan of study.