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Lindsay Fuzzell

Fall 2013

Research interests

Physician-patient communication, shared medical decision making, health policy, sexuality during adolescence


MA, General/Experimental Psychology, University of North Florida
BS, Psychology, University of North Florida

Current Research

I am currently working on two projects with Dr. Cleve Shields in the Relationships and Healthcare Lab. One project focuses on communication about developmental and pubertal issues between teenagers and their doctors, and the other is focused on prognosis communication with cancer patients.


Antal, H., Hossain, M. J., Hassink, S., Henry, S., Fuzzell, L., Taylor, A., & Wysocki, T. (2014). Audio-video recording of health care encounters for pediatric chronic conditions: Observational reactivity and its correlates. Journal of Pediatric Psychology. jsu046. doi: 10.1093/jpepsy/jsu046


Advisor:  Dr. Cleve Shields