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Book of Great Teachers

Purdue’s Book of Great Teachers honors outstanding teaching faculty who have demonstrated sustained excellence in the classroom. Everyone inducted into the Book of Great Teachers is listed on a bronze-and-walnut wall display located in the west foyer of the Purdue Memorial Union. The display was first unveiled in 1999.

College of Health and Human Sciences faculty inducted into the Book of Great Teachers

Pamela Aaltonen, Nursing

Anthony A. Annarino, Health and Kinesiology

Ximena Arriaga, Psychological Sciences

Cynthia Bozich Keith, Nursing

Carl G. Braunlich, Hospitality and Tourism Management

Patricia Coyle-Rogers, Nursing

Mary E. Fuqua, Nutrition Science

William Harper, Health and Kinesiology

George Hollich, Psychological Sciences

Ann H. Hunt, Nursing

Abdelrachman Hafez Ismail, Health and Kinesiology

Karen Jamesen, Nutrition Science

Pamela Karagory, Nursing

Jane M. Kirkpatrick, Nursing

Joseph M. La Lopa, Hospitality and Tourism Management

Christine M. Ladisch, Consumer Science

Bruce I. Lazarus, Hospitality and Tourism Management

Mary Lockwood Matthews, Home Economics

Murial McFarland, Home Economics

Alastair M. Morrison, Hospitality and Tourism Management

Margaret Murphy, Human Development and Family Studies

James S. Nairne, Psychological Sciences

Mary Alice Nebold, Consumer Science

J. Douglas Noll, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Douglas Powell, Human Development and Family Studies

David Rollock, Psychological Sciences

John Rousselle, Hospitality and Tourism Management

David A. Santogrossi, Psychological Sciences

Vicki Simpson, Nursing

E. Marsella Smith, Nursing

Douglas Sprenkle, Human Development and Family Studies

M. D. Steer, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Jon Story, Nutrition Science

Thomas Templin, Health and Kinesiology

Gladys Vail, Nutrition Science

Connie M. Weaver, Nutrition Science

Ronnie Wilbur, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Olivia Bennett Wood, Nutrition Science

Karen S. Yehle, Nursing

Neil J. Zimmerman, Health Sciences