Nutrition Education Program

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The Nutrition Education Program provides many benefits, via educational workshops offered in communities across Indiana.  Our program increases the ability of individuals and families with limited resources to utilize their food dollars and SNAP benefits appropriately and provide a safe meal environment. Through free, informal and easily accessible educational programs in the home and community, participants can develop knowledge and skill related to:

  • nutrition and meal planning
  • food purchasing and preparation
  • food safety
  • resource management

NEP staff deliver behavior-focused nutrition education to participants in home and community settings, helping individuals and families to select nutritious foods that fit within their budget. Through live cooking demonstrations and hands-on activities, participants learn how to:

  • invest food dollars into the best nutritious food choices
  • stretch food dollars to last the whole month
  • make healthy choices when eating out
  • protect your family from food-borne illnesses
  • plan meals that their family will love

In 2013, NEP conducted 30,374 lessons through more than 222,000 client contacts.  More than 133,000 of those contacts were children and school aged youth. Of those clients surveyed in 2013:

  • 70% know the benefits of using food safety steps at home
  • 53% eat out less often and plan to eat together as a family at least 4 times per week
  • 70% know how to read nutrition facts labels to determine if a food is nutritious
  • 60% increased their whole fruit consumption.

Through a variety of educational opportunities NEP changes the lives of Indiana citizens.  Just listen to what one client had to say after completing one of our snack lessons:

"Before NEP I would've just bought cookies for my child's snack day at school, but today I stuffed a pinata with fruit!  The kids loved it!"  

~Fayette County NEP participant

NEP works in collaboration with many community agencies and organizations such as: