Have a Healthy Baby Program

The Have a Healthy Baby (HHB) program is a nutrition education program developed by Purdue Extension. This evidence-based curriculum supports pregnant teen and young adult women in balancing diet and an active lifestyle during pregnancy, while focusing on achieving a healthy amount of weight to help protect the health of the baby.   

Lessons feature instructor-led material with contemporary videos and easy-to-use handouts for moms-to-be in both
the home and community setting.


Participant Objectives:

  • Achieving a healthy weight during pregnancy
  • Choosing a well-balanced diet and active lifestyle during pregnancy
  • Learning how to prepare safe meals during pregnancy using the Fight BAC!® rules
  • Understanding the best methods for feeding the baby
  • Learning how to choose healthy habits during pregnancy
  • Lessons are available in both English and Spanish.


Making a Difference:

Have a Healthy Baby participants report:

  • "The Have a Healthy Baby program has made a difference to me because it has showed me the importance of nutrition for both me and my baby.”
  • “Have a Healthy Baby prepares you for what happens during pregnancy. I am thankful for being involved in this program.”
  • "I eat better foods, exercise more and I have changed my mind and now plan to breastfeed my baby."
  • “It taught me how to cook foods properly, the importance of separating food and storing it correctly.  I also learned the many benefits of breastfeeding and how to get the baby to properly latch.”
  • "I have quit smoking. I eat more fruit. I drink more milk."
  •  "I eat more fruit and vegetables. I have decreased my fast food visits. I walk more."
  • “I am strongly considering breastfeeding now that I know quite a bit more about the process.”


For more information on the Have a Healthy Baby program or to schedule a class, contact the Purdue Extension office in your county at: https://extension.purdue.edu/Pages/countyoffices.aspx or by phone: 1-888-EXT-INFO (1-888-398-4636). Your referral could help ensure another healthy baby!

Ordering Information: The Have a Healthy Baby curriculum can be purchased through the Purdue Extension Education Store by visiting: https://mdc.itap.purdue.edu/ or by calling toll-free: (888) EXT-INFO (398-4636).