Have a Healthy Baby Program

The Have a Healthy Baby (HHB) program is a nutrition education program for pregnant teens and young adults. Through free, informal, and easily accessible educational programs in the home and community, participants learn how to: Topics
  • Balance diet and an active lifestyle during pregnancy
  • Consequences of smoking, drinking, and drugs
  • Focus on achieving a healthy amount of weight to help protect the health of the baby
  • Protect themselves from food-borne illnesses during pregnancy
  • Understand the best methods for feeding the baby
The program offers interactive and a highly visual series of lessons available in both English and Spanish.

How We Have Helped

Since program initiation:
  • Over 16,643 pregnant adolescents and at-risk adults have been taught.
  • Fewer low birth-weight infants, decreased neonatal mortality, and decreased days of neonatal hospitalization.
  • Significant increase in both nutrition knowledge and improved intake of healthy foods.
  • Have a Healthy Baby participants report:
    • "I have really been focusing on what I eat. I no longer sit in the house all day, now I try to walk around."
    • "I eat better foods, exercise more and I have changed my mind and now plan to breastfeed my baby."
    • "I have quit smoking. I began eating more fruits. I drink more milk."
    • "I have decided to breastfeed and to select different types of food by groups."
    • "I eat more fruit and vegetables. I have decreased my fast food visits. I walk more."
    • "I put my meals together so I can get food from all the groups."
    For more information on the Have a Healthy Baby program or to schedule a series, contact the Purdue Extension office in your county by selecting your county from the menu above or by phone: 1-888-EXT-INFO (1-888-398-4636). Your referral could help ensure another healthy baby! Ordering Information The Have a Healthy Baby curriculum can be purchased through The Education Store by visiting: https://mdc.itap.purdue.edu or by calling: (888) EXT-INFO (398-4636).