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Student Organizations

There are several student organizations geared for students in the Department of Consumer Science. The organizations offer a variety of activities including professional development and community service.

In addition to these, there are college-wide student organizations open to any student in the College of Health and Human Sciences. Also, visit Purdue Student Organizations.

Pi Sigma Epsilon

A national, professional, coeducational fraternity in marketing, sales management, and selling. PSE strives to develop the practical sales and marketing skills of its members. Like us on Facebook! Follow @PSEpurdue on Twitter!

Advisor: Chris Kowal
President: Kyle Miller

Student Development Council

The Student Development Council (SDC) offers CSR undergraduate students opportunities to develop  essential skills for successful job searches and interviews, networking, and professional development.

PDC events include:

Advisor: Sally Harmon
President: Sammi Pisciot

Purdue Collegiate Financial Planners

PCFP's mission is to "recognize what our responsibilities are to one another and the club. In order to do this, we practice professionalism, dedication, attentiveness, integrity, and friendliness." Visit the PCFP's page.

Advisors: Margie Story and David Evans
President: Austin Coffel

Purdue Fashion Association

PFA provides an opportunity for fashion-focused individuals to come together and share their knowledge and interests. This combined creativity works to develop a display of designs and artwork, usually in the form of a fashion show or exhibition. Visit the PFA Fashion Show page.

Advisors: Nancy Strickler and Susan Owens
President: Samantha Vincent

Purdue Retail Organization

PRO offers its members opportunities to gain a better understanding of the retail industry and careers. Through regularly scheduled meetings and special field trips, members learn from each other and industry professionals what is needed to be successful in retailing. PRO Brochure

Advisor: Sally Harmon
President: Stacy Gudas