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Undergraduate Majors

Undergraduate majors in Purdue's Department of Consumer Science (CSR) prepare students for fulfilling careers as buyers, merchandising leaders, financial planners, loan officers, stockbrokers, store managers, marketing directors, sales directors, and much more. Our challenging curriculum offers hands-on experiences that prepare students for real-world situations. Students have the opportunity to complete internships in Indiana, throughout the United States, and internationally. CSR students also have the opportunity to participate in sales competitions, the CSR Extravaganza, employer networking, career fairs, and CSR student organizations.

Please visit the pages listed below to learn more about our undergraduate majors.

public health

Selling and Sales Management
Designed for students interested in careers in communication, consumer behavior, customer relations, sales management, business, and marketing.



apparel design and technology

Retail Management
Designed for students interested in careers in merchandising, management, and/or marketing in traditional retail settings and e-commerce environments.




Financial Counseling and Planning
Designed for students interested in the careers related to finance and banking. Successful completion of the program satisfies the education component of the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification process.



movement and sport sciencesApparel Design and Technology