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Undergraduate Announcements

We are open for Summer & Fall 2015 registration appointments.  Please read through the directions carefully & note the new pre-advising appointment requirements and announcements.  Please follow through & make your appointment online with your assigned advisor.

Consumer Science

Students must meet with their advisor in order to secure their SUMMER/FALL 2014 Registration PIN number which is required to access registration in myPurdue. All appointments are handled by classification groups.  Later, you will enter your schedule into MyPurdue during your “TIME-TICKET”.  Students who fail to meet with their advisor PRIOR to their TIME-TICKET week will not be able to enter their schedule until OPEN REGISTRATION on April 27, 2015.   Please follow these guidelines and dates very closely:  

STEP #1 ~ Schedule your Required Advisor Meeting

If you are:

Make your appointment online, to see advisor during this time frame:

NCAA Athletes, Honors Students, or students with special needs

PRIORITY Registration:
Feb. 9 - 13                                

Click HERE to Make an Appointment:

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: cid:image002.jpg@01CCE4B7.0AE48BC0

You have at least 90 hrs completed towards graduation

Feb. 16 - 27

You have 60 – 89 hrs completed towards graduation

March 2 - 13

You have 30 – 59 hrs completed towards graduation

March 23 – April 3

You have 0 – 29 hrs. completed towards graduation

April 6 – April 17

STEP #2 ~ Review your MyPurduePlan

Pull up your MyPurduePlan which is in www.mypurdue.purdue.edu under the ACADEMIC tab. This plan is an electronic version of your degree requirements and will show you what you are currently completing (blue lines); have completed (green check); or have not completed (red box). Please take a look and look for discrepancies in your major and your minor plan. Minors are on the same page as your major. If you are completing the ENTR certificate you have to toggle to a different screen. At the top, where it says DEGREE ~ use the pull down menu to select “CERT” to switch to your Certificate audit. You don’t need to print this document, but please make a list of discrepancies you see, including items on this plan that are confusing to you.  Your advisor will review this with you in your advising meeting

STEP #3 ~ Enter your Summer & Fall 2015 Schedule into MyPurdue

  • Locate your TIME-TICKET week at www.mypurdue.purdue.edu under the ACADEMIC tab (this may not post until early March).  During your TIME-TICKET week, enter your Summer & Fall 2015 schedule into MyPurdue using the PIN number obtained from your Academic Advising Appointment.  The PIN# for Summer & Fall is the same number!
  • HINT!!  Once you’ve USED your PIN#, it is stored in MyPurdue under “Registration Pin” in the Academic Tab – you don’t need to ask your advisor for it again if you need to make a schedule change.
  • If you miss your Time-Ticket window, you will not be able to enter your schedule into MyPurdue until April 27, 2015. 

SUMMER & FALL 2015 Course Notes & Important Updates!

  • “FALL ONLY” COURSES include:  CSR 100, 120 (last time), 220 (last time), 222, 328, 406; AGEC 425
  • INTERNSHIP SYLLABUS MEETINGS:  If you are completing your required internship/work experience during the SUMMER 2015 semester, you must attend the one of the following mandatory meetings in order to obtain departmental approval to add your internship for credit to your summer schedule.  Important Note!!  You do not have to have your job/internship secured at the time of the meeting!! Attend if you’re ambivalent about whether or not you’ll be interning – if you obtain an internship late in the summer and have not attended a pre-meeting, the Site will not be approved.
      • Apparel Design, CSR 322                                             INTERNSHIP REQUIREMENTS
        • No Scheduled Meeting; meet with Susan Owens individually (usually discussed in CSR 255).
      • Financial Planning, CSR 480                                       INTERNSHIP REQUIREMENTS
        • Thurs., April 30 @ 4:30 p.m. in MTHW 209
        • Fri., May 1 @ 1:30 p.m. in MTHW 209
      • Retail Management, CSR 300                                    INTERNSHIP REQUIREMENTS
        • Fri., April 24 @ 2:30 p.m. in MTHW 209
        • Tues., April 28 @ 4:30 p.m. in MTHW 209
      • Selling & Sales Management, CSR 307                   INTERNSHIP REQUIREMENTS
        • Thurs., April 30 @ 9:30 a.m. in MTHW 209
        • Fri., May 1 @ 11:30 a.m. in MTHW 209


    ONLINE COURSES are listed in the Schedule of Classes as “Distance Learning”.  HINT ~ to search for these, select ALL of the subjects at once using the shift key (or just the subject you’re interested in) and choose “Distance Learning” under the Schedule Type and hit ENTER.  All online options will come up in alpha-order.  These courses are taught by Purdue professors.

    COURSE RE-TAKE LIMITS:  Students now have a limit of three (3) total attempts to pass a class. This includes “incompletes”, fails, and withdrawals.  Once you’ve attempted a course 3 times, you will no longer be able to register for the course at Purdue.


    Courses listed in the Schedule of Classes as “TLF” instead of “PWL” campus are NOT available to us. 


    STUDY ABROAD STUDENTS:  Students who are completing SUMMER or FALL 2015 Study Abroad programs will register for an “SA” course number on their summer or fall schedule.  An override in the myPurdue system will be required and distributed by the SA office.  Finalizing the registration steps will be done during each student's one-on-one advising session with a CSR academic advisor.  Students should bring a list of courses from the institution they will be visiting to their advising appointment.  These courses can be found on the specific school website (through the study abroad website for the program).  Be sure to schedule for at LEAST 40 minutes. 


    SUMMER 2015 Classes Offered in CSR:

      • CSR 300, Internship in Retail:  See IMPORTANT notes above!
      • CSR 307, Internship in Sales:  See IMPORTANT notes above!
      • CSR 315, M-F 11:00 – 1:10 (Maymester, 5/18 – 6/12); in a classroom.
      • CSR 322, Internship in Apparel Design; See IMPORTANT notes above!
      • CSR 331, ONLINE (Mod 2 & 3, 6/15 – 8/04)
      • CSR 342, M-F 9:50-Noon (Maymester, 5/18 - 6/12) in a classroom
      • CSR 342, ONLINE (Mod 2 & 3, 6/15 – 8/4)  
      • CSR 415, ONLINE (Mod 2, 6/15 – 7/10)
      • CSR 418, M-F 8:40-10:50 (Maymester, 5/18 - 6/12)
      • HTM 141, M-F 9:00 – 11:10 a.m. (Maymester, 5/18 - 6/12) in a classroom.
      • HTM 241, M-F 9:00 – 11:10 a.m. (Maymester, 5/18 - 6/12) in a classroom.


      Helpful Links for Registration Preparation                     




This NEW degree audit/planning tool is now available on your myPurdue student portal! This tool has many features to plan your academic coursework with your advisor such as:

  • Track completed, in progress, and remaining/future coursework
  • Show a 'what-if' scenario to assist you with CODO decisions
  • Calculate the GPA needed to achieve a specific goal


If you are a current CSR student please click here to make your appointment. If you are in the process of CODOing into CSR and would like to meet with us, please stop by MTHW 223 or call 765-494-8317.

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