Featured Student: Heather Gerber


What are your majors? Apparel Design and Retail Management

Why did you choose these majors:  I chose to double major in both apparel design and retail management because I enjoy working with customers and learning what they are looking for, and then being able to provide them with the perfect garment.  Also,  love being creative - creating something entirely from scratch and seeing it come to life through my hard work.

What is/was your favorite course:  One of my favorite courses is Visual Merchandising!  The content was applicable and the topics were engaging to learn about (i.e. the reasons for certain color choices, design layout, the smell or tempter of the store, and exterior and interior aesthetics).  

Who is your favorite teacher/professor:  My favorite professor is definitely Susan Owens!  She’s so sweet and understanding of her apparel students.  She truly cares about each of us and pushes us to work hard and love what we do.

What are your favorite movies:  I don’t really have a favorite movie; I really like anything with action and adventure, or anything with superheroes and Disney!

If you were stranded on an island what three foods would you want there:  For my three foods, I would want haystacks, hamburgers, and ice cream!

How would you describe yourself in three words:  Creative, sweet, and a perfectionist!

Explain one “stand out moment” from being at Purdue: This year I won the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund case study. As part of the award, I flew to New York City for the dinner banquet while I was recognized for being one of the winners of the scholarship!

What inspires you:  The people around me inspire me most because they encourage and pray for me daily and expect me to try my hardest and be the best that I can be! 

Where do you see yourself 10 years form now: I see myself in ten years having a job that I love and a loving family who supports each other’s passions. I also see myself involved in the community where I live and traveling the world to experience everything around us. 

Featured Student: Calvin Mork


Major: Selling and Sales Management

What is your favorite course: My favorite course is CSR 315 which is Relationship Selling.

Why did you chose CSR: I chose CSR because it gives me the opportunity to learn about selling while working with consumers and businesses. Not only that, but it provides the opportunity to compete in sales competitions, gain access to great internships, and provides me with invaluable experience. It also allows interaction with recruiters, executives, regional managers, and other important contacts in the business world. 

What is your favorite food: My favorite food is Lasagne.

What are your favorite TV shows: My favorite TV shows are Sons of Anarchy, Fringe, and Game of Thrones

How would you describe yourself in three words: I would describe myself as a leader, determined and adaptable.

One stand out moment from being at Purdue: The biggest stand out moment at Purdue was getting the position of Senior Lead Developer for the Purdue Enterprise Company. 

What inspires you: My biggest inspiration is the knowledge that I can do anything I put my mind to. 

Where do you see yourself 10 years form now: 10 years from now I see myself working in sales making a steady income and supporting a family. 

Featured Student: Anna Louise Thetard

Anna Louise Thetard

Major: Apparel Design and Technology with a minor in Art & Design Studio 

What is your favorite course: My favorite course is CSR 328 also known as Illustration

What is your favorite food: My favorite foods are pickles, bagels, chocolate strawberries and more bagels

What activities are you involved in outside of class: I am an active member of Phi Mu Sorority, a member of Purdue Fashion Association and a photographer for senior portraits and Purdue sponsored events 

Why did you decided to study apparel?:  "Art should comfort the disturb and disturb the comfortable." As a creator, I have learned that inspiration comes from multiple avenues.  For instance, Cease A. Cruz, a poet and social justice activist, spoke words truer than any I had ever heard before.  Art is meant to make an audience feel, allowing emotion to affect the soul.  In my case, fashion is my art form.  I have always admired the fashion industry not for the glamour, but as an outlet for expression.  The ability to decorate the skin with textures, fabrics and accessories has mesmerized me from the very beginning.  When I styled my first outfit it felt as through I was wearing a badge of honor.  It was the epitome of my social armor.

How would you describe yourself in three words: Ambitious, vibrant, and positive.

One stand out moment from being at Purdue: When I got into the Fashion Institute of Technology my junior year as a Fashion Business Managment major through Purdue's transfer program.  I now have an Associates degree from F.I.T along with my Bachelors from Purdue University.

What inspires you: Nature, photography, my family, friends, traveling, and history. 

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