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The Department of Consumer Science is an applied interdisciplinary social science department where the focus is to work on research that helps consumers make better decisions overall. In that process, we investigate cutting edge research questions from areas as varied as: health messaging amongst underserved and minority populations; survivability in chronic and other forms of disease; consumer attitudes and behaviors and their impact on decision making, the role of nonverbal communication, labor market issues, labor-health connection, retailing questions, financial literacy, stock market investment decisions, micro lending challenges; and other topics. Our faculty members have doctorates from some of the finest institutions in the country and are qualified to conduct research and teach at the highest levels.

The emergent signature areas center on disease prevention, nutrition and addictive behaviors, maternal health and microfinance. Other areas will be emerging in the near future. Stay tuned!

To stimulate research both internally and to build on our external research partnerships, the department hosts a regular Cleo Fitzsimmons Brown Bag Seminar Series both in the Spring and the Fall semesters. In these hour long sessions, researchers from within the department, within the College and externally within the University and outside, present their research ideas to a lively audience comprised of faculty and graduate students. The intellectual stimulation is at a high order in the department.