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Signature Areas

Our Faculty Research focuses on areas of:

Medical Health Consumer Issues
Health Communication Health communication campaigns in vulnerable populations
Health Care
Consumer issues in banking
Customer capital and structural capital in the healthcare industry
Strategic marketing issues in income generation activities in healthcare
Financial Health Consumer Issues
Consumer issues in banking
Banking market microstructure
Banking corporate control
Banking issues related to consumer decision-making
Financial Planning
Information economics as applied to financial markets
Financial planning and investments
Organizational Health Consumer Issues
Customer Service
Customer service and customer loyalty
The strategic role of call centers and shopping centers
Sales Management and Leadership
Sales management in a knowledge area
Organizational leadership
Knowledge management and organizational learning
Retailing and Marketing
Retail merchandising and marketing strategies online and offline
Multi-channel retailing
Customer relationship marketing
Social responsibility
Consumer Behavior
Consumer behavior and the domain of attitudes and persuasion
Consumer behavior social influence tactics and survey measurement