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Faculty Research

  • Lala Acharya, Assistant Professor
    Research interests: health communication campaigns with vulnerable populations; consumer Issues in health care; health care relationship sales and marketing; consumer participation
  • Jonathan Bauchet, Assistant Professor
    Research interests: international development, microfinance; microinsurance; impact evaluation; research methods
  • Sugato Chakravarty, Professor
    Research interests: consumer issues in banking; market microstructure; corporate control; banking issues related to consumer decision-making; information economics as applied to financial markets
  • Stewart Chang Alexander, Associate Professor

    Research interest: adolescent sexual health; end-of-life communication; HPV; LGBT health; obesity counseling; oncology communication; patient-provider communication; preventive health.

  • David Evans, Extension Specialist
    Research interests: specializes in logistic regression analysis and the use of large datasets in evidence based research, with experience in applied research and qualitative data
  • Richard Feinberg, Professor
    Research interests: customer service and customer satisfaction; the strategic role of call centers: shopping centers; leadership
  • Sandra Liu, Professor
    Research interests: consumerism in healthcare delivery; sales management in a knowledge area; customer capital and structural capital in healthcare industry; knowledge management and organizational learning; strategic marketing issues in income generation activities in healthcare
  • Meghan Norris, Adjunct Professor
    Research interests: the domain of attitudes and persuasion, in particular how attitudes can act as biasing factors during information processing. Attitude structure and strength—one such area of interest is attitude extremity and how attitudes can become extreme. Social influence tactics and survey measurement—in how these concepts apply to consumer behavior.

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