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CSR Students in Italy

Beyond the Classroom

By going beyond the classroom CSR students become more engaged in their fields of study. They become citizens with a broader cultural sensitivity and they become leaders amongst their peers. CSR students actively seek study abroad opportunities, internship experiences, and other professional development activities that will lead them towards a better understanding of the ever-changing global and multi-cultural markets.

Professional Growth through Internships

London Internship Program

Christy Joehl

Name: Christy Joehl

Major/Year: Retail Management, Minor in Art and Design – Junior Year

Position: PR/Marketing Intern

Company: APT Collections Ltd.

Location: London, England, Summer 2014



What’s an average day like for you at your internship?

My role within APT Collections involved taking instructions and shadowing all members across all departments in order to develop knowledge of how a functioning fashion business operates.  I was responsible for conducting trend analysis in department stores and independent retailers.  From the information I collected I drew conclusions about brand clientele to better predict what sort of merchandise should be developed and put on the market.  I was also responsible for assisting designers in creating lines designed to appeal to their customers by selecting materials and evaluating relevant fashion trends. I also prepared collections and the showroom for viewing by buyers and brand representatives. I also used price point analysis to create charts and graphs to compare and contrast different brands.  This information was useful for the manufacturers when determining what they should charge for the production of certain collection pieces.  One of my greatest internship accomplishments and one of my favorite responsibilities was employing my artistic talent to create fashion illustrations of Claudia’s collection to be used for promotional purposes. 

How did you find this position?

I learned about the Purdue London Internship Program and attended informational meetings, while also corresponding and meeting with other students who had previously participated in the program.

What steps did you go through to secure the position? (Attend career fair, job posting on CCO, personal network, directly from company website, job search site, etc.)

I attended all necessary meetings for the program, submitted an application, turned in all required paper work, and was finally placed with a company via “CAPA,” an international education and internship organization.  When I arrived in London, I attended an interview with my supervisor and then began work.

What’s your favorite part about the position, company, or location?

It was interesting to examine how my responsibilities grew over time.  The first day of my internship I was steaming clothes to be hung in the showroom; however, by the end I was creating artwork that will be used on the company website, promotional flyers, and potentially in the press.  Throughout my internship my knowledge of the fashion industry was strengthened, along with my passion for it.  My interpersonal communication, creative skills, and ability to compare and contrast the needs and goals of different clients were sharpened with each and every task that I completed.

What is something interesting or fun you did during your internship?

One of my favorite memories from my internship was attending a photo shoot for my supervisor’s own line.  I was able to interact with the photographers, the models, the stylist, the makeup artist, and see the collection come to life.  It was an incredible atmosphere.

For additional information about the London Internship Program and other Study Abroad experiences: http://www.studyabroad.purdue.edu/